Fronius Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, and EV Chargers
Fronius Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, and EV Chargers

Fronius Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, Storage Solutions, and EV Chargers

30 years of innovation & sustainably

“For us, sustainability is neither a trend nor an issue – but has always been firmly anchored in our thoughts and actions. Out of conviction, out of responsibility and because, as a pioneer in solar energy, we know how to shape a future for everyone based on 100% renewable energy.” 

Martin Hackl, Head of Business Unit Solar Energy

For 30 years, Fronius have been developing innovative products, solutions and digital tools to cost-effectively and intelligently generate, store, distribute and consume solar energy.

Today, their name stands for innovations that sustainably enrich the lives of private consumers as well as the businesses of their commercial customers with solar energy – true to their motto “Energize your life”. 

Fronius home inverter and battery solution

High Quality, Worthwhile Investment

To offer the highest quality of inverters in the market, Fronius inverters undergo tests performed under extreme conditions and far beyond the prescribed standards to ensure that the device lasts a lifetime in the harshest conditions. Fronius Inverters are a solid basis for every PV system, from domestic homes to large scale PV systems. With an energy storage solution, Fronius solar systems ensure maximum energy independence for every residential household and commercial site.

Why choose Fronius?

Sustainably designed, Sustainably made
  • Design for superior durability and maximum reparability
  • Create with recycled and recyclable materials
  • Produce with 100% green power
  • Life cycle analyses confirmed and audited by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro integration IZM.
Durability & Repairability
  • Highest test standards in development and production for best product quality
  • Products are conceived and designed for a long service life
  • Only individual parts and affected components need to be replaced instead of replacing the entire unit
Smart technology
  • Electrifying your home made easy with intelligent Fronius products
  • Active cooling technology for harsh Australian weather
  • Monitoring tool to maximise yield and consumption, thus increases savings
Made in Europe
  • Quality reassured for over 75 years
  • Highest quality components used with a constant focus on sustainability
Strong Partners
  • Network for over 100 trained and certified solar partners all over Australia to advise and support for your energy revolution

Multi award winning

First-class efficiency

Praised by HTW Berlin: The Fronius GEN24 Plus achieved a top spot in the Energy Storage Inspection for the fourth time in a row in 2023, confirming its excellent efficiency when used in combination with energy storage systems.

Fronius Products

Fronius GEN24 Plus

GEN24 and GEN24 Plus

The inverter with flexible backup power options

Fronius Tauro


The first choice for large scale commerical systems

Fronius Wattpilot


The electric car charger that always provides the cheapest charging

Fronius Ohmpilot


The consumption regulator designed to use excess solar power to heat water

"5 Plus 5" Year Warranty Promotion

All Fronius inverters come with five years Fronius Warranty Plus as standard. Users can claim an additional five years Fronius Warranty for free for a limited time upon registration on Fronius Solar.web

When comparing our warranties with those of our competitors, you should consider the services included and the long-term existence, confidence and security of our company. 

Fronius offers two warranty levels:

Fronius Warranty Plus

For comprehensive coverage. In warranty cases, Fronius bears additional material costs, transportation costs (within Australia) and service reimbursement.

Fronius Warranty

The economic way to hedge against risks. In warranty cases, Fronius bears the costs of material.

Purchase warranty extensions for greater protection

For security beyond the duration of your “5 Plus 5” year warranty, you can extend the warranty duration fee-based up to 15 years, for a total of 15 years peace of mind.