Energy Matters Rewards Card

Energy Matters’ Rewards


Energy Matters is delighted to partner with My Rewards International and launch its Corporate Rewards Program, providing our loyal customers with access to thousands of digital gift cards from Australia’s leading retail brands and household services. Gain access to incredible, exclusive discounts when you need them most. 


Making solar power more accessible (with bonuses)


Not everyone can make the switch to solar, so we hope reducing your daily expenses can assist you financially and enable you to make greener choices with your savings.


Our corporate rewards program has been designed to be used as:


  • An employee rewards program, providing the teams of our partners with employee gift cards.
  • A customer rewards program – our loyal customers can access thousands of digital gift cards  for a small investment, Australia-wide.


How does it work?

  • Easy to access via the web, mobile app, or browser widget.
  • Rewards across multiple verticals – fashion, food, health and beauty, finance, home. These categories allow you to save money online and in-store.

  • Every transaction gains rewards – either as cashback, instant discounts or value-adds.
  • Join an existing eco-system of over 4.5 million users/members and over 4500 retail partners, growing by the day.




While there is an initial cost to access the program, Energy Matters is subsidising this fee. Try it out for a year with a low investment then you’re given the option to renew annually thereafter.



  • As a customer – RRP is $149, discounted to $129 per year – saving $1000s per year on their domestic shopping (groceries, fuel, clothing, etc) via our partner’s discounts. 
  • As a corporate – Cost is $129 per year (discounts available on larger bulk orders), helping their customers and staff save $1000s per year. Offer an employee rewards program as a value-add to doing business with you or for you.


Through this system, you will soon be able to access competitive quotes for solar panels, battery storage solutions, and installation service. This ranges from anything from our range of eco-friendly products available at our Marketplace. This will all be linked to your profile resulting in a range of benefits just for you.


We value each and every one of our customers and clients and want to be your renewable energy partner for life. This is one way we can thank you for choosing us, by providing real rewards to you for your repeat patronage at a discounted price. This also helps us get to know you better so we can treat you like the valued individual that you are, not just a purchaser.


By adding the Energy Matters Rewards portal, we are also aiming to expand our network and family by adding even more suppliers and installers to our directory. Doing this, we hope to inspire more Australians to transition away from fossil fuels and take up solar installations on their homes and businesses. Together we can all work to create a sustainable future. 


Join the renewables revolution now


Over two million Australians have already made the switch from fossil fuels to solar systems, and this number is rising rapidly each year. 


Here at Energy Matters, we make this process extremely simple by providing a directory of licenced, insured, and experienced installers, along with access to only the most reputable and efficient solar panels and equipment.


For those who cannot afford to install a complete solar array, our Rewards program has been designed to help you save money on your household expenses, or to make a bigger difference, visit our Marketplace to discover how you can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing eco-friendly options that are in your budget, so you can be rewarded as well.


Not everyone can go solar, so we hope reducing your daily expenses can assist you financially and allow you to make greener choices with your savings. It is all part of our goal to make Australia, and the world, a cleaner and greener place.