Powow: Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Energy Matters is proud to partner with Powow; an innovative Australian solar business that provides an end-to-end online service for customers and retailers.

As the two entities converge to deliver excellence in sustainable energy, individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their solar options might find valuable insights by exploring the possibility of obtaining FREE solar quotes from Energy Matters. This partnership presents an opportunity to navigate the evolving world of solar technology with informed clarity, ensuring a harmonious integration of renewable energy solutions into homes and businesses alike.


What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Powow provides customers with a simple and affordable way to install solar and battery storage via fixed monthly repayments. Powow provides the solar system, battery storage, ongoing maintenance and monitoring, and a 100% money-back guarantee for performance via their Powow PPA. 

Powow PPA
Powow VPP

What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

Imagine your home is connected to a network of homes with batteries that provide the network power stored in the batteries when required. Imagine being paid a premium for the power you export to the grid from your battery.

This is a Virtual Power Plant and Powow’s VPP software provides the means with ease.

With absolutely no startup or ongoing fees, joining the Powow VPP is easy and a way to make some extra money from the energy stored in your batteries.

Information for Customers

Power Purchase Agreement


The upfront cost of installing solar plus battery storage is usually the number one reason why many homeowners are dissuaded from making the switch.


The Powow PPA removes the upfront costs, provides an affordable and fixed monthly payment plan, and gives you peace of mind that your system will perform as expected and provide your bills a welcome reprieve!


Powow PPA plans allow you to choose the solar system and battery you want. Your system will be installed by a Powow trusted installer and will be backed up with a 100% performance guarantee. This guarantee ensures that you will be compensated for any time period that your system is not producing as expected. Powow will repair or replace your system at no cost to you during the duration of the PPA.


Begin your solar journey today!



Virtual Power Plant


Put your battery to work by joining Powow’s VPP! The VPP provides you the opportunity to earn $0.45kWH for the energy you export to the grid – this means that you will earn more and pay off your battery faster.


There’s no upfront or ongoing fees, you get to choose the retailer you want, there’s no cancellation fees, and you can view VPP events in real time via the Powow app.


Join the Powow VPP today and start earning!


Information for Retailers

Power Purchase Agreement


Solar and batteries can be a hard sell. The upfront costs for battery storage are often the restrictive barrier for would-be customers. The Powow PPA plans provide an affordable package for your customers with the benefit of the system being cashflow positive from day 1.

  Powow App

Benefits of Powow PPA:

  • No upfront costs or ongoing fees for you or your customer
  • Fixed monthly payments for your customer
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • All service, maintenance, and warranties handled by Powow
  • Inventory handled by Powow; Powow carries all stock and ships to you at no charge
  • Customer service provided by Powow



Virtual Power Plant


Combining the Powow PPA with the Powow VPP is a fantastic product for your customers.


The Powow VPP provides your customers a fixed rate of $0.45kWh for the energy they export to the grid during VPP events. This will mean that your customers will see a return on investment faster than battery storage alone.


The benefits of Powow VPP:

  • Your customers will earn money during VPP events; paying off their system faster
  • Customers get to choose their own retailer – this is a competitive advantage as this is not available for most VPPs.
  • No upfront or ongoing costs, and no exit fees.


The Powow VPP will provide your business a competitive edge at no risk to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Power Purchase Agreement

How much will the solar system and battery be?

Every home and business has it’s own individual and unique needs. The price of your system and battery will be determined by the size, brand, model, components required, and installation needs. As such, we are unable to provide a price guide.

What is included in the PPA?

Your Power Purchase Agreement will include the solar system, battery storage, installation, monitoring, servicing, and performance guarantee. 


Your system will be provided a manufacturer’s warranty for the components and an installation warranty. Powow will repair or replace any components as required.

Powow provides a 100% performance guarantee so if your system is not producing as expected, you will be compensated for every day that it does not produce until it has been fixed.

Will the monthly repayments ever increase?

The monthly repayments are fixed for the duration of the Powow PPA plan.

Can I pay off my system early?

You are free to fully pay off the system at any point during the Powow PPA plan. To get the buyout price, you just take the cost of the system when you signed up and take 10% off each year you are on the Powow PPA plan. 

What happens at the end of the PPA plan?

You can either buy the system outright for $1 or you can continue on the Powow PPA plan by extending it into a continuing plan at that time.

Can I upgrade my system?

If you wish to add to, or upgrade, your existing system on a PPA plan you do not need to complete a new application. Notify Powow and will they be able to upgrade your system and alter the monthly repayments.

Who will install the system?

Powow partners with trusted local installers who install and maintain the systems for their customers.

Do I have to have a battery installed?

Powow PPA plans consist of a solar PV system + a battery storage system. ShineHub do not have solar only plans.

What is the length of the PPA plan?

The Powow PPA plan has fixed term of 10 years.

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs for the Powow PAA plans. 

Can anyone apply?

The Powow PPA plans are available to Powow Finance approved customers only. You must own your home to apply.

Virtual Power Plant

How does a VPP work?

A VPP requires that your home is connected to the grid.

When the sun shines, your home solar system will charge your battery.

When the grid requires it, such as on a hot day and the grid is under stress, the ShineHub software will automatically export energy stored in your battery, along with other batteries connect to the VPP in your area, to assist the grid.

You are paid a premium rate for the energy you export to the grid.

You will be able to view the energy exported via the Powow app.

Am I eligible to participate in the VPP?

All the battery products that Powow supplies are compatible with our VPP.  To be eligible to participate in the VPP, you must have a compatible battery inverter/battery setup, be located in NSW, VIC, SA, or QLD, and have a home internet connection that the battery is connected to.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no establishment, ongoing, or cancellation fees to participate in the Powow VPP.

If you purchase a battery via a Powow promotion that has terms and conditions that require you to participate in the VPP, there may be a requirement to pay back a portion of the discount should you choose to leave the VPP before the end of the contract. 

How much will I be paid?

You will receive $0.45 per kWh exported to the grid during a VPP export event. This is considerably greater than the average Feed-in Tariff rate of 0.06/kWh.

How will I be paid?

You will be provided a secure login to the Powow VPP portal that will display the data of any VPP event that your battery participated in. You will be able to provide your bank details directly to Powow who will make direct payments to your account.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

VPP events occur when the grid requires additional power. As such, there is no guarantee that you will be required to provide energy to the grid, thus no guarantee can be provided that you will make money.

How often will my battery be used?

VPP events are on an as-needed basis and, therefore, there is no guarantee as to how often your battery will participate. Based on Powow extensive data, they estimate that your battery is likely to participate in 2 events per week.

What happens if all my battery storage is used?

The average Australian Feed-in Tariff is $0.06/kWh. In the event that your battery storage is fully used during a VPP event, you would have benefitted from a premium rate of $0.45/kWh. The average electricity rate when drawing from the grid is $0.25kWh. So if you will have made a profit, even if you have to draw from the grid instead of using your stored energy!

Can I choose any retailer?

Powow is retailer independant, which means that you are free to use the retailer of your choice!