5 Solar Energy Habits to Help You Save and Make Money

solar energy habits

Gone are the days when only select households have solar PV systems in Australia. Today, the number of rooftop solar PV panels installed on rooftops of homes and businesses continue to increase. Additionally, there is rapid growth in the solar industry, with more solar batteries, solar farms, wind energy farms, hydrogen plants, and more being built to help the country meet its net-zero goal by 2050. 

Installing solar panels is one of the best ways you can reduce your energy bills and, at the same time, help the country reach its net-zero goal. In this post, we will share some solar habits that will help you save money and maximise your solar panels. 

1. LED bulbs are the way to go

One of the best things about LED bulbs is that they tend to last longer; this, alone, can already save you money. Additionally, they contribute 80 to 90 per cent of their energy towards generating light – making them far more efficient than alternatives 

If you have a 6 kW solar panel system installed on your roof paired with LED bulbs, you can expect to see your energy bills go even lower. For this reason, we recommend swapping out your old incandescent, halogen, and even your fluorescent light bulbs for LED. 

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2. Make those appliances run during the day

Some appliances really don’t need to be running at night. A solar panel system is most effective at reducing your bills when the sun is shining during the day. Therefore, having appliances running during the day and unloading them at night, makes more sense. Doing so will help you save more on electricity bills. 

It may not seem easy at first, but it’s doable. All you need to do is evaluate your appliances and the times they run. Eventually, you will find that most of them don’t need to be running at night because you can get on with most of your household chores while the sun is out. You can then either pop a load on in the morning or set a delayed timer, if your appliance has this function.

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3. Make more money by selling solar energy

Yes, you can also make money when you sell energy, and you can do this easily with a solar panel system. This is especially true if you have a solar panel system above 6.6kW installed in a medium-sized home. It’s likely that you will always have excess energy. There are two things you can do with that excess energy. 

First, you can store that excess energy in a solar battery. However, not all homes in Australia have solar batteries because they are often expensive. 

The second thing is that you can export that excess energy back into the grid. Your energy retailer will pay for the excess energy in the form of a Feed-in Tariff (FiT). The FiT you receive will vary from retailer to retailer. For this reason, we recommend shopping around for the best possible energy deal.

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4. Watch that roof

Before installing solar panels on your roof you needed to ensure that your roof was in good condition. Now that you have those solar panels installed, you should also ensure that your roof, which is now a solar roof, is maintained. 

We recommend you check the roof once a month to see if it needs any maintenance. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should have your solar panels cleaned. Solar panels require little maintenance; generally, you should only clean them twice a year. However, debris may accumulate, and you should keep an eye on them before they worsen and compromise your solar panels’ efficiency. 

If you have a slanted roof, you will find it easier to clear your roof of debris because the rain can wash them out easily. 

5. Use responsibly

The way to use your solar panels responsibly is to monitor your usage and system regularly. Most solar inverters come with an app where you can track your system easily. The app will show you the production of your solar PV panels, and you can also find out your energy usage from your distributor. Doing this will provide you with valuable insights into your usage habits and the performance of your solar panels. 

Your solar PV system is an investment that can be maximised to ensure that you are reaping all the available rewards for years to come. If you believe that you could save even more with a newer or larger system, or by adding a solar battery, why not speak with a solar installer today to find out how you can save more.

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