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Should I Add a Battery to My Solar Now or Later?

Should I add a battery to my solar system

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go solar and we could not be happier! Installing solar panels on your home is an investment in your present and future energy usage and needs. So it’s no wonder many Australians are considering solar battery storage. It’s well known that battery storage allows you to capture the sun’s free energy […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Australia?

How much do solar panels cost

If you’re looking at installing solar, the question of cost is undoubtedly on top of your list. The cost of solar has been steadily declining in Australia. Solar panels have never been cheaper! Let’s look at the cost of solar panels in Australia. Are all solar panels priced the same? As with most things in […]

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce? 

sonnen batteries and solar production

Australia is leading the world in its up-take of residential rooftop solar, installing new solar panels at ten times the global average rate¹ – and it’s no surprise given the reduction of power bills, cleaner energy production and the energy independence that can be provided.  With energy prices continuously on the rise, now is the […]

Solar for Christmas: The Gift of Free Electricity This Season

The gift of solar this Christmas

It may not fit nicely under the tree but solar might just be the best gift you could give or receive this Christmas – even if it’s a gift for yourself! Let’s take a look at why organising a new solar installation, or upgrading an existing system, is the perfect gift before the end of […]

Old Solar Panels and Systems: When Should I Upgrade to a New Solar System?

Early adopters of solar in Australia reaped the rewards of high feed-in tariffs and generous federal rebates. The solar systems installed were generally very small, often only 1kW – 2kW in size. They also contained the early iterations of solar technology. The former Solar Homes and Communities Program began in 2000 and ended in 2009, […]

Queensland and New South Wales Lead the Way in Australia’s Solar Power Boom

The Australian solar power industry is experiencing a resurgence with Queensland and New South Wales leading the charge. Recent data reveals that solar installations have not only recovered from the setbacks of 2022 but have also surpassed pre-pandemic levels. The strong market growth is primarily attributed to significant developments in Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and […]

Success of All Energy Australia 2023 Highlighted by Unprecedented Turnout

All Energy 2023 show floor

The nation’s largest clean energy event, All Energy Australia 2023, has come to a close, leaving a lasting impact on Australia’s clean energy sector. All Energy was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over two bustling days. The event set a new record with over 11,500 unique visitors in attendance, showcasing the industry’s […]

LONGi Inks Transformative Deals for Hi-MO X6 Solar Modules with Australian Distribution Partners

LONGi inks deal with OSW, Raystech, Solar Juice

LONGi made a significant announcement at All Energy Australia 2023 in Melbourne, forging three transformative agreements with its key Australian distribution partners. These agreements revolve around the supply of cutting-edge back contact technology products, notably the remarkable Hi-MO X6 solar modules, poised to reshape the solar energy landscape. Three-year partnership a milestone for the industry […]