Darebin City Council Saving Residents On Solar

Darebin City Council Solar Savers

More than 100 households have already signed up for the 2016 round of Darebin City Council’s solar programs.

Victoria’s Darebin City Council has two initiatives in place, Solar $avers and a solar bulk buy program.

In 2014, the Solar $avers program assisted hundreds of pensioner households install solar panels at zero upfront cost. These residents are paying off their systems, interest-free, through their Council rates.

Darebin City Council has invested additional resources this year in order to assist more pensioners and low income renters reap the benefits of going solar.

Eligible residents first receive a no-obligation tailored quote on a quality 1.5kw or 2kw solar power system. If the quote is accepted, Council pays the system cost up front and the participant pays off the system interest-free over 10 years; through quarterly special rate payments.

The low repayments are structured in a way that participants are expected to save money on their power bills from the first year; depending on the household’s electricity consumption pattern. After the repayment period, the annual electricity bill savings can be much higher.

Partnering with Darebin City Council in delivering the program is Positive Charge, who also provide participants with free, expert advice on energy efficiency to help them make the most from their rooftop-generated solar electricity. Even those who decide not to go ahead with installing solar can benefit from this advice.

The solar power systems are supplied and installed via award-winning Energy Matters, which is celebrating a decade of operations this year. Energy Matters participated in the previous program and has been involved with similarly successful initiatives throughout Australia.

Pensioner households wishing to take advantage of this program should contact Positive Charge on 9385 8525 or email hello@positivecharge.com.au as soon as possible, as places are limited and a deadline for registration is looming.

The second program being offered by Council is open to all other residents and businesses, who will be able to take advantage of a special deal on solar through a bulk-buy program. Last year, more than 110 properties took advantage of this offer.

Darebin City Council businesses and residents interested in participating in the solar bulk-buy initiative should contact Council on 8470 8535.

The City of Darebin is situated in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Suburbs within its boundary include Northcote, Preston, Reservoir, Kingsbury and Thornbury