SMA Sunny Boy HF Series Solar Inverters Available In Australia

National solar power solutions provider Energy Matters has announced the availability of SMA Sunny Boy HF series solar inverters in Australia.

The company says with a maximum efficiency of over 96% and numerous technological innovations, the Sunny Boy HF series provides an even faster return on solar power system investment.

“We’re very excited about the approval of the Sunny Boy HF series in Australia. SMA have always produced top quality solar inverter products and the Sunny Boy HF just takes that excellence to a new level – these products are German engineering at its best,” says Nick Brass, Energy Matters’ General Manager of Retail Sales.

“The Sunny Boy HF series provides the highest yields for solar inverters in this performance class. Incorporating SMA’s OptiTrac technology, the inverter is able to very quickly adapt to conditions, which enhances electricity yield. Additionally, the OptiCool concept builds further on the unit’s performance by ensuring the inverter is operating as efficiently as possible under a wide range of temperatures.”

As well as being installer-friendly, the SMA Sunny Boy HF series offers a comprehensive and user-friendly graphic display, comes with Bluetooth technology as standard and is available in 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0kW models.

Energy Matters has updated its unique instant online solar quotes system to include the SMA Sunny Boy HF series in packages and is currently offering special introductory pricing for systems purchased online. Energy Matters  has bundled the inverter with the company’s own Australian made and designed Sunlock mounting system, REC Peak Energy solar panels and full professional installation.

REC Peak Energy solar panels have become an increasingly common sight in Australia since Energy Matters introduced the brand to the Australian home solar power market in June last year. Recent independent field testing over a year in real-world conditions found REC solar panels outperformed 30 other leading solar module brands.

SMA Solar Technology was established in 1981 and is the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems. With over 3 gigawatts installed globally SMA employs over 5,000 people on four continents in fifteen countries.