Energy Matters And APC Energy

Energy Matters has announced it has become the first member of APC Energy.

Currently preparing to make its presence felt on Australia’s renewable energy and energy efficiency scene, APC Energy’s membership will be a collective of Australian companies focused on providing goods and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency; suppling turnkey solutions to Australian consumers.

APC Energy has been formed to provide members group buying power with suppliers, aid and encourage growth of members’ businesses and to offer consumers peace of mind that when dealing with members, they are dealing with vetted professionals.

Group members will be hand-picked by the network, and only one membership will be established in any given area.

Members will have a demonstrated installation capability, a desire to grow their businesses, a solid commitment to renewable energy and the environment and an equally strong commitment to going above and beyond for their customers.

APC Energy members will have access to a range of benefits to assist them grow their business and support their customers.

For example, group members have access to renewable energy products and services at discounted prices from participant suppliers; including Apricus Australia Pty Limited (solar hot water) and Energy Matters’ sister company, Apollo Energy (PV components and systems).

As with members, preferred suppliers will demonstrate a high degree of credibility, commitment, integrity and capability; must also provide a unique advantage for APC Energy members and a high degree of support.

As well as preferred suppliers, the organisation will be actively seeking third party suppliers to supply products and services to benefit Group members and their customers.

APC Energy is currently preparing a web site describing its activities in further detail. In the interim, some additional information can be viewed here.