Crocodile Dundee’s ‘Nugget’ Gets A Life And Goes Solar

Melbourne, Victoria – March 11, 2010. Australian actor Gerry Skilton, who played Nugget in all three Crocodile Dundee movies, is currently filming a new TV series called “Nugget’s Get A Life” – with a little help from solar power.

Set in outback Queensland, the series will focus on the elusive search for gold using modern technology while looking back at the early history of the pursuit and the old time gold prospector; with Nugget as the show’s host.

Part of the technology showcased will be a semi-portable off grid solar power system complete with backup generator, supplied by national solar solutions company Energy Matters.

According to Mr. Skilton, “Nugget’s Get A Life will have me take up residence in a camp out west near Clermont QLD. “Nugget” will actually be doing what he is promoting. So this is not a fly in, shoot something and fly out again type of mission. I will be isolated and dependent on my own skills 80% of the time. ”

The system provided by Energy Matters consists of a folding array of solar panels with an output capacity of a half-kilowatt, 500 amp hours of deep cycle battery storage, an inverter charger, solar regulator and backup generator; along with custom cabinets built by the Energy Matters team to protect all the equipment

“Life may be tough when isolated but you can still live civilized!” says Mr. Skilton.

System specifications:

Trojan T-105 batteries
SMA Sunny Island 2.2kW 24V inverter/charger
Plasmatronics 20amp regulator
Solarfun 170W solar panels

According to Energy Matters co-founder Max Sylvester, “Who could forget the famous “I’ve got a donk” line delivered by Nugget in Crocodile Dundee? Now Nugget will have some real donk in the form of this solar power system providing clean energy to help him in his adventures. We’re eagerly anticipating the first episode of Nugget’s Get A Life and to see the Energy Matters built “Donk” in action!”

Nugget’s Get A Life is expected to go to air in 2011 and a DVD will also be produced.

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