Energy Matters Offers SilexSolar Australian Made Solar Panels

National solar power solutions provider Energy Matters has announced it is now offering Australian-made SilexSolar solar panels.
According to Energy Matters co-founder Max Sylvester, “Since BP solar shut down its manufacturing facilities in Australia a couple of years ago, we’ve been often asked about the availability of solar panels made in Australia. We’ve had nothing to offer. BP’s closure left a gaping hole in the local home solar power market for equipment manufactured within our own shores.”
Silex Solar acquired BP’s old facilities at Sydney Olympic Park and recently commenced solar panel production. 
“The SilexSolar SLX solar panels look good, the reported specifications and efficiency match many of the well known overseas brands, the warranty is solid and the pricing is reasonable. We believe SilexSolar is on a winner – and it’s a win for Australians who wish to support our local solar manufacturing industry.” says Mr. Sylvester.
Silex Solar expects to double its workforce to around 100 people by the end of 2010. Its Sydney Olympic Park facility is the largest photovoltaic manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere.
Another significant benefit of the launch of the Australian-owned and based SilexSolar is that it provides an avenue for Australian developed solar technology to be commercialised locally, rather than it going overseas as has happened previously.  
According to SilexSolar, the Australian solar power industry grew 366% in 2009 and the global solar PV industry is expected to generate more than USD$40 billion this year
The Silex Solar SLX monocrystalline 24 volt solar panels are currently available from Energy Matters in all three sizes – 170 watt, 175 watt and 180 watt