Large Solar Farms Threatening The Environment – The Solution

While solar power is generally perceived as clean and green and small solar farms can make good use of unproductive or degraded farming land; some have raised concerns about the construction of large solar farms on undeveloped land. There is a solution that’s sitting right in front of us, or more accurately, above us.

Solar Power Scams

When you think of solar power; free clean and green energy springs to mind. But the environmentally warm and fuzzy nature of solar power can sometimes override due diligence on behalf of consumers and leave them severely out of pocket.

Ohio Aims For 1,000 Solar Schools

There are approximately 5,000 to 6,000 school buildings in the US State of Ohio and under legislation to be introduced next week, 25% of schools will be required to install grid connect solar power systems.

Solar Panel Snobbery Overruled

Housing and neighbourhood associations can act as a great protection for a community, but can go a little over the top sometimes. An example is a recent case in Palos Verdes, California where a homes association denied local home owners permission to install blueish coloured solar panels.

A Greener Solar Panel

While solar power provides one of the most earth friendly ways of generating electricity from renewable energy sources, a solar panel contains some components with their origins in petrochemicals. By refining these components, a “greener” solar panel can be made.

Victoria’s Solar Feed In Tariff Farce

Many Victorians who are enthusiastic to invest in solar power systems but holding off until a feed in tariff program is implemented in the state might be very disappointed by proposed legislation introduced by Victoria’s State Government.