Frustrated Solar Owner Threatens To Smash Panels

Victorian home owner and environmental consultant Peter Allan recently invested $24,000 on a 2.4 kilowatt grid connected solar power system consisting of 14 solar panels, but was frustrated to discover that his contribution to reducing Australian greenhouse gas emissions was penalised.

Sunpower Powers Along

While the global economic crisis is putting pressure on every industry, even the renewable energy sector, some solar panel companies continue to perform very strongly.

Solar Energy – A Solution To Australia’s Heatwave Blackouts

The southern Australian states of Victoria and South Australia have been enduring a gruelling heatwave for over a week – and it looks set to continue for some days to come. While the sun is perceived as an enemy, solar energy could provide the solution to prevent a reoccurrence of the electricity crisis that has occurred.

Solar Power Vs Clean Coal In Australia

It’s been revealed a solar gross feed in tariff scheme would have only cost households in the Australian state of Victoria in the range of an additional 2 and 4% on current electricity bills. Solar power is looking increasingly attractive compared to “clean coal” technology, which has been estimated to increase current power generation costs 50 to 75%.

Suntech Scores Solar Panel Supply Scoop

After recently securing a contract for the supply of 5 megawatts of Suntech solar panels for a 10 megawatt solar farm to power Masdar City, the company has also just inked a one year deal with a US company for the supply of 5MW of solar panels during 2009.