Wal-mart Gets Into Wind Power

In its latest green initiative, Wal-mart announced last Friday it would be partnering with a Duke Energy wind farm in Texas to provide renewable energy to up to 15 percent of 360 Wal-Mart stores and other facilities in the state

A Solar Powered Submarine?

The old jokes state ‘useful as deckchairs on a submarine’ or ‘flyscreens on a submarine’, but a solar powered submarine is not a joke or science fiction – it will be a reality soon.

Kyocera To Double Solar Panel Output

Kyocera Corporation, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, late last week announced plans to construct a major solar cell manufacturing plant located in Yasu City, Japan, which will become the company’s largest production facility in the country.

Solar Shade Act For Australia?

With solar uptake in Australia on the rise, local authorities may soon need to consider the implementation of a Solar Shade Control Act or Solar Rights Act, such as exists in the USA; specifically, California.

Around The World In A Solar Powered Plane

A solar powered plane trip around the world may soon leave the realms of science fiction and become reality. ‘Solar Impulse’, a 1500 kilogram solar plane with a 61 meter wing span, will be undergoing its first test flight in April next year