IBM Wants Your PC For Solar Power Research

In an effort to discover materials for cheap but efficient solar cells, IBM and researchers From Harvard University have launched a distributed computing initiative called the Clean Energy Project and are asking for people to participate in the program. 

Al Gore On The Clean Coal Illusion

While Australia’s coal industry has distanced itself somewhat from the oxymoronic term of “clean coal”, favouring labels such as low emissions or new generation coal, it was a term that featured heavily in the runup to the recent US elections.

Australian Solar Power Feed In Tariff Update

It was with great anticipation that many awaited the results of the Council Of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting last weekend on the issue of feed in tariffs. Emerging from meeting was a set of what some described as vague principles and a seemingly very much watered down scheme.

Renewable Energy Could Phase Out Coal Within 20 Years

According to the WorldWatch Institute, clean energy could topple coal fired power generation within the next 20 years. The group states cleaner energy sources could see the retirement of hundreds of coal-fired power plants by 2030, reducing global carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 33%.

Getting Serious on Rooftop Solar

In any town or city, there’s a massively under utilised resource – rooftops. The rooftops of all our homes, industrial areas, schools and public buildings are potential emissions-free solare power plants. Recently in the United States, Southern California Edison (SCE) has engaged in an ambitious rooftop solar project to install 150 solar photovoltaic systems on local commercial buildings. 

Solar powered walking house

Growing out of a project initiated by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire in the UK and constructed by German based N55, Walking House does just what its name implies – it walks; courtesy of solar power.

UN Climate Chief Advocates Solar, Warns On Coal

On the opening day of the Poznan climate conference, the U.N.’s climate chief Yvo de Boer expressed fears of governments continuing to invest in the construction of high-polluting coal fired electricity generation facilities, which would ultimately need to be decommissioned to build new low-carbon solar power plants or wind energy farms within the next couple of decades.