Ultra Efficient Solar Panels – Black Silicon

While solar power technology has come a long way, the best solar panels on the general market only convert around 15 – 20% of the sun’s rays into electricity. Eric Mazur, a physicist at Harvard University, believes an ultra-sensitive form of silicon called black silicon could approach the theoretical limit of converting around 30% of sunlight into electricity. 

Cylindrical Solar Modules Unveiled

Californian PV manufacturer Solyndra, Inc., recently unveiled a new solar photovoltaic system design targeted towards the commercial low-slope rooftop market that will generate significantly more electricity than current flat solar panel technologies.

The Solar Pope

The Vatican, home of the Pope and the Catholic capital, is the smallest state in the world and soon may also become the first zero emissions state. Pope Benedict XVI has become the first pontiff to harness solar power to provide clean energy for the Vatican.