The Solar Powered Internet Of Drones

Even if drones creep you out, this is a pretty impressive gadget. Dronebox  is a fully automated, solar powered charging and data communication shelter for on-demand sensing drones.

Created by H3 Dynamics Group subsidiary HUS Unmanned Systems, it’s a “nesting solution” that can assist automated drone operations in industrial applications and reduce costly or dangerous tasks associated with this form of drone usage.

“End-users can now deploy flying sensor systems at different locations, and measure just about anything, anywhere, anytime,” states a recent press release.

In addition to primary power being delivered via solar panels and battery energy storage; the Dronebox also has a fuel cell option that HUS Unmanned Systems says can enable drones to operate for months or even years in the field.

The company says its system is ideal for routine inspections in the field, as well as providing “a highly reactive 24/7 perimeter and border security solution”; something that may pique the interest of Donald Trump. Renewable energy applications could include wind turbine or solar array inspections.

Drones can operate in tethered mode, providing longer operation; or with an untethered option with wireless charging.

In addition to single-drone operations, fleets of drones and droneboxes could deployed at a site, offering more capability and coverage.

“As a network, DRONEBOXES can increase their effectiveness and mission times using collaborative technologies. Such deployments could offer first responder support in crisis events before sending humans into dangerous environments, such as nuclear power plant meltdowns, chemical spills, or natural disasters,”

Of course, no high-tech product of this type is worth its salt without a really cool video with dramatic music to go with it; so here it is.

The Dronebox system recently strutted its stuff at the Singapore Air Show.

Another of HUS Unmanned Systems’s devices is Hycopter, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered, multi-rotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The frame structure of Hycopter is used to store hydrogen fuel; eliminating weight and bulk.

HUS Unmanned Systems was the recipient of the 2015 Global Aerospace Visionary Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.