Energy Matters Releases Updated Solar Power Consumer Guide

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Australian solar provider Energy Matters has released a totally revamped version of its popular Solar Power Consumer Guide.

The guide was first published by the award-winning company nearly 4 years ago and has been downloaded more than 25,000 times to date; not including redistribution and sharing.

Available in PDF format, it incorporates clear diagrams and easy-to-understand information on selecting a solar power system, plus importantly – how to avoid potential pitfalls.

As Australia’s solar revolution has rolled on, the Solar Power Consumer Guide has been regularly updated. In addition to a fresh new look, the latest edition includes current information on the next solar revolution – battery systems and home energy storage.

Solar Consumer Guide download

Topics in the revised 21 page guide include:

  • Types of solar panel systems
  • How a grid connect solar panel system works
  • How off-grid solar power works
  • Solar components and considerations
  • Solar panel installation factors
  • System service lifespan
  • Sizing a home system
  • Home battery systems
  • Battery-ready solar power systems
  • Solar incentives, rebates and financing
  • Choosing a solar installer
  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • Additional tips

Energy Matters  has been providing comprehensive solar power information for a decade and remains one of Australia’s most popular online destinations on the topic.

Many millions of visitors over the years have visited the site for information regarding renewable energy; particularly on solar panels and more recently, home battery storage systems.

Energy Matters’ Solar Power Consumer Guide can be downloaded here.

Also part of Energy Matters’ 10th birthday celebrations is an exciting competition; offering a fully installed Tesla Powerwall battery system or major cash prize of $11,449. Further details regarding the competition can be viewed here.

Given the interest in Australia regarding battery systems, Energy Matters currently has very special deals on solar + storage packages featuring Powerwall or the recently released Fronius Solar Battery; plus Tesla Powerwall retrofits.

In addition to full solar + storage solutions, Energy Matters is providing low pricing on its full range of conventional solar, battery upgradeable and battery-ready packages; plus tailored solutions are available.