SolarEdge Announces Tesla Powerwall Collaboration

SolarEdge and Tesla Powerwall

Current owners of SolarEdge inverters will be pleased to learn their inverters will be upgradeable to be compatible with Powerwall – Telsa’s home battery energy storage product.

Yesterday, SolarEdge formally announced its collaboration with Tesla to develop a new Powerwall-compatible inverter; plus support for upgrading existing SolarEdge systems to work with the storage solution in a grid-connect scenario.

“Like SolarEdge, Tesla recognizes the need and opportunity to develop innovative solutions designed to lower the cost of solar energy and make clean, renewable energy more feasible for customers around the world,” said Lior Handelsman, Marketing and Product VP of SolarEdge. “Tesla’s industry leading battery storage technology makes it a natural fit for this endeavor. Together, we are taking the first step towards widespread adoption of integrated solar energy generation and storage in the residential market.”

The new inverter will enable outdoor installation and will include remote monitoring and troubleshooting in order to keep operations and maintenance costs low says SolarEdge.

It’s understood the upgrade for current inverters and new SolarEdge inverter will be available later this year.

“Tesla’s collaboration with SolarEdge unites leading organizations in two rapidly-growing Industries – solar energy and energy storage – to bring homeowners a more cost-effective and integrated energy generation, storage, and consumption solution,” said JB Straubel, Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer.

Since commencing commercial shipments in 2010, SolarEdge has shipped approximately 1.3 gigawatts of its DC optimized inverter systems to more than 70 countries. The SolarEdge range of products includes power optimizers, a web portal for panel-level optimization and monitoring of solar power systems as well as PV inverters designed to work with its power optimizers. To date, more 5,000,000 power optimizers and 200,000 SolarEdge inverters have been shipped worldwide.

The Telsa Powerwall has been called a “utility killer” by some as it will enable households and businesses to further reduce their electricity bills and reduce reliance on mains grid power – or abandon the grid altogether. Whether it is a ‘utility killer’ or not, Powerwall heralds a new age of more affordable energy storage systems; making solar power systems an even more attractive investment.

Australian solar provider Energy Matters says it will begin offering competitively priced battery systems based on Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge technology when the components are available locally. Those interested in residential battery options can register for pre-release announcements from Energy Matters by clicking here.