Warranty Start Date

Date of purchase at the point of sale to the original end user.

Product Warranty

Product warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for 5 years from the Warranty Start Date.

Product Liability

Exclusions and Limitations

Warranties do not apply to:

  1. non-defective goods (as determined by Xantrex);
  2. shipment and freight costs outside United States and Canada;
  3. products that have been disassembled or modified without prior written consent of Xantrex;
  4. indirect damages suffered by customer;
  5. uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product;
  6. normal fair wear and tear;
  7. removal, installation or troubleshooting of customer’s electrical systems;
  8. misuse, neglect, improper installation, physical damage or alteration, or damage
    from improper use or use in an unsuitable environment;
  9. products that have been subjected to fire, water, generalized corrosion, biological infestations, or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits specified;
  10. products that have been repaired by unauthorised service centres;
  11. products that have been used as a component part of another product expressly warranted by another manufacturer;
  12. component parts or monitoring systems incorporated into the product;
  13. products if its original ID (trade mark, serial number) has been defaced, altered or removed;
  14. products located outside the country in which it is purchased;
  15. consequential losses attributable to loss of power;
  16. consequential, special, indirect or incidental losses.


Defects must be notified to Xantrex within the warranty period. Customer should contact the merchant in the first instance, and otherwise Xantrex directly at the contact details specified in the warranty. Customer is required to demonstrate acceptable proof of purchase (including date).

Prior to returning a product to Xantrex, customer must obtain a Return Material Authorization number and correct address for shipment. Products must be shipped prepaid. Customer must include RMA number, return address, return freight funds, contact telephone number and description of problem.

View full warranty details (PDF)