Telstra Eyes More Solar + Battery Storage

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra is setting up a new division tasked with further improving energy efficiency within the company and rolling out more solar across the organisation. “As a company with a large portfolio of physical infrastructure across Australia, we see some real opportunities to use technology to become more efficient at managing our energy […]

Solar/Electric Buses In The Headlines

Electric buses are gaining popularity and it may not be too long before they’ll become a common sight on the streets of our towns and cities. In the past week or so, two electric bus stories have been creating a bit of a stir. The first is in relation to solar assisted bus dubbed the […]

Solar Power At 2016 Super Bowl 50

It’s the biggest event on the North American gridiron football calendar – and this year’s Super Bowl is partly powered by solar energy. In just a couple of hours time, the Denver Broncos will do battle with the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League (NFL) 2016 Super Bowl 50. It’s a massive event witnessed […]

Porsche’s Massive Solar Panel Monolith

Reminiscent of the 2001 – A Space Odyssey monolith, Porsche’s solar panel pylon in Germany has been capturing attention as well as sunshine. Constructed at a technology park in the Adlershof section of Berlin; the facade of the 25 metre high structure is covered with 7,776 solar cells; capable of generating up to 30 megawatt-hours […]

Tesla Powerwall V2 – Further Details

Rumours have swirled since Elon Musk announced during a recent event for Tesla owners in Paris that Powerwall version 2 would be available later this year. “We are coming up with the version 2 of the Powerwall probably around July or August of this year, which will see further step changes in capabilities,” Tesla’s charismatic […]

Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative Cranking Renewables

It’s the little utility that could – Hawaii’s Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative  (KUIC) has reported that on 4 days during January, renewables made up 90 percent of the island’s electricity. Kaua’i Island has an area of 1,430 km² and a population of around 66,000. KIUC is a non-profit, member owned electricity company that services nearly […]

Solar Assisted Vultures Tackling Trash In Peru

In Peru’s capital city, Lima, vultures and solar power have been enlisted to help deal with illegal rubbish dumping. Often reviled due to their looks and nature, vultures play an important part in ecosystems. Exclusively scavengers, they feed primarily on the carcasses of dead animals.  Acids and gut flora in a vulture’s stomach are so […]

Petition Calls For Solar On All New Australian Homes

A petition calling on the Australian Federal Government and all state premiers to make solar panels mandatory on new houses is gaining quite a bit of attention. “It’s not rocket science. More solar panels sitting on houses means less reliance on fossil-fuels in Australia. Are we committed to lowering carbon emissions or not?,” says David […]

US Solar Installation Boom Set To Continue

IHS Inc. predicts solar PV installations in the USA will jump 67 percent year-over-year in 2016, with a record 15 gigawatts installed during the period. The strong growth will be thanks to the extension of the investment tax credit (ITC); which was previously due to expire in its current form by the end of this […]

Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park Progress

An application to South Australia’s Development Assessment Committee for Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park has now entered the public consultation phase. The DP Energy project seeks to construct up to 59 wind turbines and up to 400 acres of solar panel arrays at a site approximately 8 kilometres from Port Augusta; which is around 300 […]