Wind And Solar Costs Down – Coal, Gas And Nuclear Up

Onshore wind energy now fully competitive against gas and coal in some parts of the world, while solar power is closing in says Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). BNEF’s Levelised Cost of Electricity Update for the second half of this year states the cost of onshore wind and solar photovoltaics have dropped again this year, […]

Australian Enphase AC Battery Trial Announced

Enphase Energy has partnered with SA Power Networks to trial Enphase’s residential energy storage system in South Australia. The Enphase Storage System includes the Enphase AC Battery, a modular “plug and play” 1.2kWh battery based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and incorporating the Enphase S275 Microinverter. Another element of the system is the Enphase […]

Australian Solar Panel ‘Dumping’ Investigation Terminated

It’s official – the investigation by the Australian Anti-Dumping Commissioner into the alleged dumping of some solar panels from China has been terminated – and that’s good news for households and businesses considering going solar. It’s been an expensive exercise that has dragged on for over a year; however the Commissioner has determined “the injury […]

Africa Could Boost Renewable Energy 400% By 2030

Africa could generate 22% of all its energy requirements through home-grown renewables by 2030 says the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). IRENA’s latest report, Africa 2030 : Roadmap For A Renewable Energy Future, provides a detail on how the continent could achieve this target; up from just 5% renewables in 2013. “Africa holds some of […]

Facebook’s First Project To Beam Internet From Space

Facebook has announced a partnership with Eutelsat to provide coverage to communities without internet access via a solar powered satellite. “As part of our collaboration with Eutelsat, a new satellite called AMOS-6 is going to provide internet coverage to large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. AMOS-6 is a 5-ton […]

SunEdison Launches World First P-Series Solar Panel in Australia

Global solar leader SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE:SUNE) has today launched its low-cost, high efficiency SE-P265NPB solar panel; available exclusively in Australia. This 265W panel is set to play a significant role in the nation’s solar power revolution and is the first SunEdison panel available in the Australian market. “This module boasts all the hallmarks of quality […]

Australian Wind Farm Open Day 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close to a wind turbine and see how a wind farm operates, here’s a great opportunity. This Sunday, 11 October 2015, wind farms across the country will open their gates to the public; hosting fun and informative open days featuring family-friendly events. Participating wind farms include: – Woodlawn […]

IEA Releases Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2015

A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) states renewables are expected to be the largest source of net additions to power generation capacity globally out to 2020. The IEA’s Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2015 (MTRMR) says onshore wind power will lead the charge, accounting for a third of renewables capacity growth. Wind […]

World Solar Challenge 2015

In just under two weeks, dozens of teams from twenty-five countries and their solar powered cars will be competing in the world’s most exciting solar car event – the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia. The World Solar Challenge begins in Darwin in the Northern Territory on the 18th of October. The teams will […]

Invisibility Cloak (Of Sorts) For Solar Panels

Scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have come up with an interesting approach to boosting the conversion efficiency of solar panels. Even the most efficient solar panels only convert a fraction of the sun’s energy into electricity. A number of issues impact on panel efficiency, include heat, shading and general quality of the solar […]