40 Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Adelaide

At least 40 new electric vehicle charging stations will be available on streets of the City of Adelaide next year – and EV owners will be able to use them free of charge. An initiative of Adelaide City Council, the stations will add to the existing four EV chargers already in the CBD. The announcement […]

Weed Terminator – Solar Powered Agbot II

This Australian battery and solar-powered agricultural robot could help farmers save a bundle in the ongoing war against weeds – a battle that costs the sector $1.3 billion dollars a year. Designed by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with funding support from the Queensland Government, Agbot II uses myriad sensors, software and other electronics to […]

India Tops 1GW Of Rooftop Solar

Half of India’s now 1,020MW of rooftop solar capacity has been installed in the last 12 months according to Bridge To India – but clouds are gathering on the horizon. The consultancy firm says the nation has added 513 MW of rooftop solar over the year to September 30. A map (PDF) also recently published […]

Wind Power To Feature Heavily In World’s Energy Mix

Wind power could provide 20 percent of the world’s electricity supply by 2030 as nations begin curbing carbon emissions in line with commitments made at last year’s Paris Climate Summit. According to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), big decreases in the price of renewable energies like wind and solar over […]

Solar Means Business In The USA

Target leads businesses in the USA going solar states a new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) – the first time it has reached the no.1 spot. The retailer now has 147.5 megawatts of installed solar capacity and is continuing to work towards a goal of having installed solar panels on 500 stores […]

Australian High School Students Gear Up For Solar Car Challenge

Participants of future World Solar Challenges, budding solar engineers and installers may emerge from this scaled-down solar car race in Wodonga, Victoria. Last Friday saw practice day for teams participating in this year’s Solar Car Challenge, which will see 13 teams from high schools throughout the Albury/Wodonga region compete. The event began in 2003, an […]

Australian Universities “Squandering” Solar Power Opportunities

A new report estimates the electricity consumption of Australia’s universities has almost doubled in a decade – and it will only increase. The Australian reports research from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) indicates Australia’s universities are spending up to $720 million a year on electricity and missing out on opportunities to lower energy costs […]

State Renewable Energy Targets – Queensland Strikes Back

It seems Queensland’s government has just about had enough of the Feds dissing the state’s renewable energy target aspirations of 50% by 2030. Queensland Minister for Energy Mark Bailey has called on Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg  to “release his trumped-up figures he’s using to scare Queenslanders about the State’s renewable energy target.” The Federal […]

Sonnen Raises USD $85 Million To Boost Battery Business

Leading European battery manufacturer, Germany’s sonnen Group, has announced it has successfully completed a new financing round with a total equity amount of USD $85 million (~ AUD $111 million). The financing will go toward activities including the development of its sonnenCommunity energy sharing platform further expansion of its energy storage business in the United […]

Australian Solar Subsidy Countdown

There are now less than 11 weeks before a series of reductions to Australia’s major home and commercial solar power subsidy begin. Under the Solar Credits scheme, a qualifying* solar power system is accompanied by small-scale technology certificates (STCs – previously known as RECs), which have a value. By assigning these STC’s to an installation […]