ACT Brings Forward 100% Renewable Energy Target

The ACT has set a goal of sourcing 100% of its electricity needs from renewables by 2020, 5 years earlier than previous planned. The Territory had originally intended on reaching 100% renewable energy by 2025. Announced by Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Simon Corbell on Friday, the brought-forward target is the result of […]

Solar Powering Local Food Production

The distance from field to fork can add significantly to the carbon footprint of food. This US company is addressing the food miles issue and using solar power to help its efforts. Gotham Greens is leading the way in urban agriculture and opened the first commercial scale rooftop greenhouse in the United States in 2011. […]

Electricity Price Increase Looms Over South Australians

According to Business SA, wholesale electricity prices in South Australia have increased 25% in the last 9 months. It’s already hurting industry and could soon be apparent on the power bills of households and smaller businesses too. A recently published article on Adelaide Now states wholesale electricity costs jumped significantly after an announcement last year […]

Record Thin Film Solar Cell Efficiency Achieved

Alta Devices has broken a conversion efficiency record with a dual junction thin-film solar cell, achieving a very impressive 31.6%. The  claim was confirmed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Agency’s Centre for Photovoltaics, and beats Alta’s previous record of 30.8 percent efficiency for a 1-sun dual junction cell established in March, 2013. The company […]

Labor Unveils Climate Change Action Plan

Released yesterday, Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan outlines how the Opposition would work towards its goal of 50 per cent of Australia’s electricity being sourced from renewable energy by 2030. Part of the Plan involves the investment of $206.6m in the Australian Renewable Energy Agency ( ARENA) to support a specific Concentrated Solar Thermal funding […]

Solar + Storage In Adelaide’s Central Business District

A solar power and battery system has been installed in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD; at The Joinery at 111 Franklin Street. The system will supply nearly half of the building’s daily electricity needs. The Joinery is a result of the transformation of an old rundown bus station into a community environment space in the […]

New Zealand On Track For 90% Renewables

A new report states New Zealand is already well on the way to reaching its ambitious goal of 90 percent renewable energy by 2025. However, more needs to be done to reduce heavy emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from the island nation. Commissioned by the Royal Society of New Zealand, the report was written by […]

Better Perovskite Solar Cells With The Flick Of A Switch

While perovskite solar cells can offer an efficiency similar to silicon at a lower cost, they have less thermal stability. Brown University-led research may have addressed this challenge. A converted form of perovskite, called formamidinium lead triiodide (FAPbI3), has better thermal stability and light absorption attributes. It’s been around for a while; but up until […]

Oceanic Floating Solar Farms A Possibility

Most aquatic solar installations have been placed on relatively calm bodies of water to date as rough seas can destroy solar equipment and the platforms on which they are installed. However, a new development from the Vienna University of Technology may enable oceanic solar farms to be established. The TU Wien invention is a platform […]

International Solar Alliance Announces USD $1 Trillion Initiative

25 countries participating in the International Solar Alliance (ISA) have pledged to take action that could unleash investment of up to USD $1 trillion in solar energy assets. The announcement was made at an event in New York late last week. Among the countries participating in the action are India, the USA and France. The […]