JA Solar Announces Solid First Quarter

JA Solar, one of the world’s largest producers of solar cells and panels, last week announced impressive results for the first quarter of this year. The company states total shipments reached 1,128.3 megawatts, consisting of 1,038.3 MW of solar panels and cells to external customers and 90.0 MW of modules for the company’s own downstream […]

SA Solar Powered Popup Shelter Praised

A solar powered, popup emergency shelter system created by a South Australian company has been recognised as a “disruptive business” on this year’s Disrupt 100 list. “Entire industries are being disrupted by new, often well-funded startups that are able to quickly scale and displace long-established companies,” says Matt Connolly, Managing Director of Disrupt 100. “The […]

Researchers Push Upper Limit Of Solar Cell Potential

A group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully demonstrated a method for exceeding the theoretical limit for solar cell conversion of sunlight to energy. The development could effectively double the amount of power produced by a given area of solar panels. In a paper published in Nature Energy, the team describe […]

8.1 Million Employed In Renewable Energy

More than 8.1 million people around the world are in jobs directly related to the renewable energy sector states a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) The figure represents a 5% increase over last year and is in contrast to a reduction in employment in the broader energy sector. In addition to […]

GIFcell – “Hourglass” Flow Battery Concept

A new design approach for flow batteries could lower costs, while simplifying design, operation and ehancing durability. Conventional flow batteries store energy in liquid solutions contained in two separate tanks forming the positive and negative side of the battery. Pumping solutions in one direction charges the battery and the opposite direction discharges it. MIT researchers […]

Australian States Renewable Energy Scorecard

A new scorecard report from Australia’s Climate Council says South Australia and the ACT are leading the nation on renewable energy, while New South Wales lags behind. The ACT’s  target of 100% renewable electricity by 2020 helped it gain a top performer status and South Australia’s increase in renewables in the state’s energy mix – […]

Goats To Assist In Maintaining Solar Electricity Production

Goats and sheep will be used at a solar farm in Japan in order to help maintain electricity generation at the facility. It’s not uncommon for livestock to graze around solar panel arrays to keep weeds in check, but usually it’s not linked to electricity production. According to an article on Nikkei Technology, it seems […]

Microsoft To Bolster Its Green Power Street Cred

Microsoft has committed to grow the amount of directly-sourced solar, wind and hydropower used in its global datacentres to 50 percent by 2018. Already arguably one of the more sustainable tech corporations on the planet, Microsoft claims to have been 100 percent carbon neutral since 2014, achieved through worldwide internal carbon fees on company business […]

Solar + Storage Could Close California’s Clean Energy Divide

A new report states adding battery storage to California affordable rental housing could almost double building electricity savings compared to just installing solar panels. While California has already racked up quite a few solar and battery storage installations, few of these can be found associated with low-income tenants or owners of affordable rental housing – […]

2.5 Million+ Small Renewable Energy Systems In Australia

Of the more than 2.5 million small scale renewable energy systems now installed across Australia, solar PV arrays (unsurprisingly) make up the majority. According to information from the Clean Energy Regulator; the number of small renewable energy systems in the country as at May 1 came to 2,511,094. That figure doesn’t include the systems for […]