Australian Electric Vehicle Council launches, calls for renewable electricity

The new Australian Electric Vehicle Council will bring together car makers, energy and infrastructure stakeholders. The council launched this week in Canberra with a mandate to promote electric vehicle uptake and clean electricity sources. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Australian new vehicle market reached 1.178 million in 2016. Of that, only 4,440 were electric […]

Battery storage recommendations announced by Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council have suggested sweeping reforms in response to issues within the battery storage sector to help consumers as well as the growing  industry as a whole. There are 13 recommendations detailed in the Clean Energy Councils report, with the suggested changes ranging from rewarding those who adopt storage to what the government […]

Sydney rooftop solar potential untapped: report

A new study has found Sydney rooftop solar potential remains an untapped resource, with just 6.7 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity installed across the CBD. The figure equates to just one percent of the city’s vast solar potential, the report reveals. The Australian PV Institute’s Spatial Analysis of Solar Potential in Sydney report, commissioned by the […]

CleanTek Market: ARENA’s renewable energy marketplace partnership

ARENA is now in partnership with an online marketplace linking renewable energy projects with investors. ARENA says CleanTek Market will accelerate the global rise of clean technology. “CleanTek Market is a growing ecosystem, which will give ARENA access to a global cleantech audience,” ARENA said in a media statement. “The partnership will providing a channel for […]

Butterfly wings could inspire new solar cell technology

Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) believe butterflies could inspire solar cell technology. Dr Niraj Lal from ANU’s Research School of Engineering says nanostructures that mimic butterfly wings  are the key. Dr Lal’s inspiration is  from experiments on the Peruvian Morpho Didius butterfly. The Morpho’s wings scatter light to produce an iridescent blue. This ability to control […]

Sydney Energy Cost for NYE Bash gives way for Clean Energy Future

Sydney during New Year’s Eve is synonymous with excess and grandiose displays of fireworks and pyrotechnics but that may be a thing of the past as a new plan to tackle climate change is implemented. The funds that are usually spent on the Sydney Opera House show total approximately $750,000 will instead be spent of other […]

Smart meter rollout stall leaves NSW solar owners out of pocket

Nearly 80,000 Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) households in NSW could be hit with higher electricity bills because retailers are failing to install the required new smart meter, an investigation by consumer advocacy group Choice has revealed. Households enrolled in the scheme should have had their old gross meters replaced with smart meters before the SBS […]

Repercussions for proposed Carmichael Coalmine

The Carmichael Coalmine proposal has come under fire from the Australian Climate Council with the project being touted as a mistake, with renewable technologies such as solar being praised as a much more effective option. The report released by the Climate Council encourages the closing of all existing coal mines and finds the creation of […]

Door Knocking Impostor Alert

It has come to Energy Matters attention that there may be an individual in the Brisbane area posing as a member of our company. The issue which has been brought to our attention involved a person who claimed to be from Energy Matters knocking on a resident’s door. This person was rude and aggressive towards […]