RET Announcement Fallout – The First 100 Casualties

It didn’t take long for the knock-on effects of the Government’s announcement concerning Australia’s Renewable Energy Target to claim victims. A major wind turbine tower manufacturer in Victoria announced yesterday it will be shedding 100 jobs. Keppel Prince Engineering, which has worked on some of the largest wind farms in Australia, says the continuing uncertainty […]

Solar Now An Employment Perk For 100,000

A coalition of U.S. corporate giants has announced a nationwide employee benefits program designed to help bring cheap solar power to communities across all 50 US states and parts of Canada. The Solar Communities Initiative is facilitated by the World Wildlife Fund and modelled on similar programs in towns and neighbourhoods elsewhere. The program offers […]

Government RET Position – The Reaction

The Abbott government’s ‘preliminary’ stance on a scaling back of the Renewable Energy Target has been met with heavy criticism. Yesterday we reported while the Government apparently intends leaving support for home solar power systems as is and would end 2 yearly reviews of the RET, it also wishes to slash the Renewable Energy Target […]

Enphase Unveils Energy Storage System

Enphase Energy, Inc. has announced its entrant in the commercial and home energy storage market. The Enphase AC Battery is a modular, plug-and-play storage device that integrates with the Enphase Energy Management System. Each Enphase AC Battery will provide 1.2 KWh of energy storage and 275W/550W power-output. Additional modules can be easily added. “It provides […]

REC Solar Panels PID-Free In All Climate Conditions

 REC Group is now one of the only solar manufacturers worldwide that can guarantee its panels are 100 per cent PID-free under all climate conditions. We mentioned previously REC solar panels had previously passed PID testing with flying colours, but it appears not all claims of ‘PID-free’ are equal. PID phenomenon (Potential Induced Degradation) is […]

NEWSFLASH – Government Announces RET Position

The Australian Solar Council reports Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has announced the Government’s ‘ preliminary’ position on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. The announcement was made at the National Press Club a short time ago. According to Australian Solar Council CEO John Grimes, the Government’s starting position is: – slash the Renewable Energy Target to a  […]

Another Renewable Energy Target Review?!?

Yet another Renewable Energy Target review has kicked off in Australia. Enough already, says the nation’s Clean Energy Council. The Warburton Review, which cost Australian taxpayers a bundle of cash and is rumoured to have been binned, is being followed up with another – this one by the Climate Change Authority (CCA). The CCA states: […]

City Of Adelaide Lightens Carbon Footprint By 19 Percent

Carbon emissions from the City of Adelaide’s community have been reduced by 224,000 tonnes since 2007, thanks in part to solar power. Adelaide City Council says enthusiastic uptake of rooftop solar panel systems along with a massive $5.5 billion of investment in wind farms has reduced the carbon impact of South Australia’s electricity supply by […]

Sunshot To Achieve Parity Target

A new report from the U.S. Department of Energy on the price impacts of its SunShot initiative has found the cost of solar energy in America fell by up to 19 per cent in 2013, with utility-scale photovoltaic systems falling below USD $2 a watt – 59 per cent below what modelled pricing predicted in […]

Houston Food Bank Goes Solar

Generous donations have enabled the Houston Food Bank to go solar and cut its power bills; leaving more money available for the organisation to commit to its core focus – helping feed those facing tough times. The 280 solar panel installation was donated by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and NRG Energy. The 70kW array […]