Solar Cheap As Chips And Battery Boom In Australia

Australia is expected to reach 20GW+ of solar PV in the next two decades and uptake of battery storage is forecast to triple this year compared to last. According to the Climate Council’s just-published ‘State of Solar 2016’ report, the collective capacity of solar panels installed in Australia by 2037 will be equivalent to approximately […]

US Grid Could Handle 35GW Of Offshore Wind Power

A new study has shown that the U.S. energy grid, with just minor upgrades to transmission lines and without any added storage capacity, could handle over 35 GW of offshore wind power capacity – enough to supply about 10 million homes with clean electricity. That figure could double to 70 GW as wind forecasting technology […]

Solar Power In New York Jumps 795%

State-supported solar power projects in New York increased nearly 800 percent from December 2011 to December 2016 says the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo. 64,926 installations were in place by the end of last year, compared with 9,079 through the end of 2011. Collectively, the state-supported PV projects total nearly 744 megawatts of solar power capacity, […]

The Energy Situation – What Australians Think

After a particularly tumultuous time on the Australian energy scene, an Essentials Report poll reveals the thoughts of voters on the various issues. Since September last year, there’s been (yet another) pitched battle between renewables and fossil fuels; with both sides hurling all they can at the fray. After all this debate and propaganda, and […]

Stabilising Molecules For Improved Flow Battery Potential

Barely a week after we reported on an improved redox flow battery out of Harvard University, a team of chemists from Utah and Michigan Universities have developed a charge-storing molecule that they say is 1,000 times more stable than the compounds currently used in flow battery systems. The breakthrough is important because of the way […]

Hydronium Ion Battery Technology Developed At OSU

The world’s first example of battery technology to use only hydronium ions as the charge carrier has been developed by scientists at Oregon State University (OSU) College of Science in the USA. Hydronium is the common name for the aqueous cation (positively charged ion) H3O+, produced by adding a proton to a water molecule. The […]

Greenhouses Powered By Solar Glass – And Australian Technology

A $1.6 million grant is being used to further develop solar glass that could power greenhouses and provide perfect year-round growing conditions. The grant from the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centre will be used to construct a 300sqm greenhouse using glass that can generate 50 watts of power per square metre of surface area. The […]

Africa’s Solar Energy Potential “Enormous” : IRENA Chief

Up to 60 million Africans may already be benefiting from off-grid renewable electricity – and the continent’s solar revolution is just getting started. In an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, International Renewable Energy Agency head Adnan Amin said uptake of solar will be comparable to the uptake of mobile phones in Africa twenty years […]

Using CEFC Funds For Cleaner Coal A “Slap In The Face”

Repower Port Augusta is livid over the potential for Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) funding to be used for “clean coal”. According to an ABC report, the Australian Federal Government is considering enabling the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to invest in carbon capture and storage and  low(er)-emission coal-fired power stations. If the suggestion was a […]

Free Top-Up Electricity For Australian Sonnen Battery Owners

Owners of sonnen batteries in Australia may be able to extract even more value from their innovative energy storage systems soon. The Financial Review has revealed the multi-award winning German company intends introducing sonnenFlat to its Australian customers within the next couple of months. The sonnenFlat concept is already active in Germany, with approximately 6,000 […]