Houston Food Bank Goes Solar

Generation donations have enabled the Houston Food Bank to go solar and cut its power bills; leaving more money available for the organisation to commit to its core focus – helping feed those facing tough times. The 280 solar panel installation was donated by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and NRG Energy. The 70kW array […]

Gas Price Rises To Hit Households And Business Hard

Rising gas prices will not only hit households and businesses, it will also likely price gas-fired power generation out of the electricity market says the Grattan Institute. In recent years, lobbyists for the gas industry have screamed for more access to avoid a domestic supply “crisis”. It has become increasingly clear there was really no […]

Breathing Battery Lowers Cost Of Solar By 25%

A solar battery that creates charge by “breathing” oxygen could lower the cost of solar energy by 25 per cent, according to Ohio State University scientists. In a world first, the designers combined a unique porous solar panel with a battery system to form a single hybrid device – one capable of converting almost 100 […]

Rise Of The Australian Energy Prosumer

Australian Energy Regulator (AER) CEO Michelle Groves recently discussed how energy users will increasingly flex their collective muscle in electricity markets in the future. In a speech at the 2014 Annual Energy Users Association of Australia Conference in Melbourne, Ms. Groves said the idea of the passive electricity customer is changing. “Users are no longer […]

SunEdison Announces Solar Joint Venture In China

SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE: SUNE) has announced a joint venture agreement with JIC Capital that will result in the development of up to 1 GW of utility-scale solar PV projects in China over the next 3 years. The joint venture will involve coordinating nonrecourse financing for the solar farms and SunEdison may directly or indirectly purchase […]

Energy Bill Complaints In Victoria Jump

Victoria’s Energy and Water Ombudsman’s 2014 Annual Report shows an increasing number of people having problems with affording electricity, gas and water. During 2013-14, the Ombudsman’s office received a total of 84,758 complaints; well up on the previous year. Cases relating to credit skyrocketed by 107% compared to 2009-10 – a total of 18,065 cases. […]

Patagonia To Help Hawai’i Go Solar

Environmentally conscious retailer Patagonia has announced a USD $13 million tax equity investment in solar energy for Hawai‘i that will see the installation of more than 1,000 rooftop solar power systems. A partnership with solar finance company Kina‘ole Capital Partners, the fund will total $27 million and utilise state and federal tax credits to funnel […]

Li-ion Batteries That Recharge To 70% In 2 Minutes

Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed batteries they say can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes and have a lifespan of 20 years. In traditional lithium ion batteries, graphite used for the anode (negative pole). The potential game changer in NTU’s battery is an anode made from titanium […]

SunEdison Announces ‘Zero White Space’ Solar Panels

SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE: SUNE), has provided initial details of its new Zero White Space (ZWS) solar module technology, which the company says can boost solar panel power output by up to 15%. This increase in performance can also effectively reduce total system cost by up to 8% states Dave Ranhoff, president of solar materials at SunEdison. […]

Moreland Solar Bulk Buy Program

Residents of the Moreland City Council area in Victoria have been offered special pricing on good quality, fully installed solar power systems through a special bulk buy program. The Moreland Solar Bulk Buy program is being run by Positive Charge and is part of the Zero Carbon Evolution initiative of  Moreland City Council. The heavily […]