Australian solar boom to contribute to 85GW global solar forecast

Australian solar share of global solar installations is expected to increase in 2017 according to the latest Global Solar Demand Monitor report by GreenTechMedia (GTM) research. Over 85GW of power are forecasted to be deployed globally this year, doubling 2014 figures. This is considerably up from 2015 figures which showed only 51 Gigawatts and 78 […]

Energy storage and solar industry benefits as Geli Launches new tool

In a further move towards creating an “internet of energy” software infrastructure company Geli has launched ESyst, an industry first integrated design-to-automation tool. The new design instrument recently announced by Geli is a free web based application that helps project developers selecting energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems for commercial and industrial facilities. The practical implications […]

Ararat Wind Farm Fully Operational and Contributing 240MW To Grid

The 240MW Ararat Wind Farm in Victoria is now operational, with all 75 of its GE turbines now feeding energy into the grid. The project, commenced in 2015, also has an agreement to provide the ACT with 40 per cent of electricity produced from the site. The Ararat project is co-owned by a consortium of […]

Energy from the moon the way forward?

Lunar Based Solar Power (LSP) is not a new concept: Dr. David Criswell, a retired physicist from the University of Houston has been championing it for over 40 years. The idea would involve depending on small, cheap satellites to relay microwave beams between the Moon and receiving stations on Earth, which would turn those beams […]

Cost of wind and solar power worldwide plummet

In a recent report published by United Nations and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) the average “levelized cost” or total cost of generating power from solar worldwide dropped 17% percent, onshore wind costs dropped 18% and offshore wind turbine power costs fell 28%. TechWorld says that the report comes after a decrease of 13% from […]

Apple Recruits Three More Clean Energy Component Suppliers

Tech giant Apple now has seven component suppliers pledging their commitment to renewable clean energy. Two electronics companies and a crystal manufacturer have stepped up to the challenge, meaning Apple now gets 96 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, according to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president in charge of sustainability and government affairs. […]

Solar powered device harvests clean drinking water from air

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California Berkeley have developed a solar-powered device capable of harvesting clean drinking water from thin air. The technology relies on a special foam-like material – a metal-organic framework, or MOF – that “sucks” water into its pores from dry air using ambient solar heat. In […]