COAG Energy Council Meeting Announced

Newly-minted Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg,  has announced the next meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council will be held on August 19 in Canberra. Minister Frydenberg says Australia’s energy sector is undergoing a major transition and the meeting will provide an opportunity to strengthen co-operation between various levels […]

Robust Growth In Solar PV Out To 2020

Recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan says revenues from the global residential, commercial, industrial and public project solar market will reach USD $179.13 billion in 2020. The company also predicts installed solar capacity for the same sectors will grow from 50,780 MW to 76,600 MW by that year. Frost & Sullivan’s report states solar PV […]

Super-Cool : The Aussie Kids Making Solar Lights For Others

Children in Queensland have been busy assembling solar lights that are then sent to other children in Papua New Guinea. It’s one of the very few times this writer has ever wished he was back in school. The project is occurring via SolarBuddy, an organisation with a mission to provide safe, clean and reliable solar […]

Massive Solar Powered Drone Takes Flight

A full-scale version of Facebook’s huge Aquila solar powered drone has successfully completed its first test flight in Yuma, Arizona. We first reported on Aquila back in August last year. The unmanned airplane has a wingspan of around 42 metres – the same as a Boeing 737 – which is covered by solar cells. Far […]

PEBL – Pedal Electric Vehicle

Another “green” vehicle to add to our collection of pedal/electric and solar power assisted car-cycle stories –  PEBL. Powered by a 750 watt electric motor, the three-wheeled PEBL velomobile has a factory set top speed of 32kmh (but that can be tweaked). With the standard lithium battery installed and assuming flat terrain, PEBL’s creators say […]

Off-Grid Solar Lighting Could Generate Millions Of Jobs

A new study out of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found solar-LED lighting could create 2 million jobs in developing nations – and it’s already generated more employment than fuel-based lighting. In developed nations, we tend to take illumination somewhat for granted. But think for a moment of what life would be like without clean, […]

President Obama Announces Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative

The Obama Administration has announced a new goal that would see 1 gigawatt of solar installed for low and moderate income families in the US by 2020. Among the activities to achieve the goal will be the promotion of innovative financing mechanisms, boosting technical assistance for states and communities and scaling up workforce training through […]

Victoria’s Transitional Solar Feed-In Tariff Payments End Soon

Tens of thousands of solar households in Victoria participating in the state’s Transitional Feed-in Tariff (TFIT) scheme will soon be getting less for their solar electricity exports. The TFIT followed the Premium Feed-in Tariff in 2011 and closed to new customers on 31 December 2012. It pays participants a minimum of 25 cents per kilowatt […]

Flash-Charging Electric Buses In Seconds

Recharging an electric bus in just 15 seconds seems a bit far fetched – but ABB has the technology and now its first contract. ABB announced last week it been awarded orders in Switzerland totaling more than $16 million to provide its flash charging and on-board electric vehicle technology for 12 fully electric buses that […]

Australian Researchers’ Light Harvesting Breakthrough

Researchers from Australia’s Griffith University have discovered a new mechanism for improving the light harvesting properties of certain nanomaterials. It’s a breakthrough they say could herald a new class of composite materials for enhanced solar absorption and optoelectronics. The researchers have shown for the first time that a phenomenon known as “quantum-confined bandgap narrowing” enables […]