Glebe, New South Wales

  • Polyglot Group Solar Installation

Glebe, New South Wales

Connection Date

August 2014

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

20 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

17 Tonnes

Solar Panels

Yingli Solar Panda & YGE


56 x M-215 Enphase micro-inverters

Mounting System


Polyglot Group is a multi-national and cross cultural HR & Payroll, Recruitment, Language & Business consultancy with six offices in Australia, two in Europe and a network of partners across the globe.

Polyglot’s Glebe premises experienced high energy bills; much of which were attributable to heating and cooling the office during the day.

The company’s Manager for Renewable Energy and Engineering, Jan Rieche, worked closely with Energy Matters, Yingli Solar and Enphase to design a system to help rein in power costs.

The end result was a solar panel system utilizing four various different rooftop orientations and using two different 60 cell modules – the Yingli Panda and Yingli YGE series.

Yingli Panda monocrystalline solar panels feature n-type solar cells with average efficiencies above 19.5% and overall module efficiency of 16.5%. The YGE series is a polycrystalline module with panel efficiency of 15.3%. The reasoning behind combining the two different technologies was to maximise output in low-light conditions.

56 x M-215 Enphase micro-inverters were also used in the installation. Microinverters work at a per panel level; one of the advantages being that unlike in a solar array using a traditional string inverter, the failure of single micro-inverter means only the output of the module it is associated with is lost – rather than the entire string.

The panels and inverters were mounted on SunLock framing – a racking solution developed by Energy Matters’ sister company, Apollo Energy and made in Australia.

The 14.4kW system will pay for itself within approximately 4 years, providing an estimated 60% saving on the Glebe office’s electricity bills.

“We have every confidence that this Yingli solar system is offering us fantastic energy yields for the long-term. I cannot speak highly enough about the whole process and we are enjoying some great energy savings,” said Mr. Rieche.

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