Melbourne CBD, Victoria

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Bourke Street, Melbourne

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

9 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

12 tonnes

Solar Inverter

SMA Sunny Mini Central 6000TL

Solar Panels

30 x Sanyo 200W


October 2010

As part of the fabric of Australia, Australia Post contributes to everyday life and business success across the nation through their people, products services and community investment.

Australia Post believes that climate change is one of the greatest economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. In an attempt to combat it, Australia Post maintains an environmental management system which includes a Green Building Strategy, focusing among other things on energy efficiency and use.

When Australia Post moved its Melbourne head quarters from Exhibition Street to Bourke Street at the end of 2009, a major objective was to incorporate environmentally sustainable building design. One of the main planned enhancements was a solar system to power the building’s signage.

“The system will avoid 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.”

After being approached to design and install a system for Australia Post, Energy Matters Project Manager, Hugh Murtagh chose 30 Sanyo 210 Watt solar panels for their high efficiency, a long with a Sunny Mini Central 6000TL inverter.

On the rooftop of the 22nd story Bourke St building, the system was designed to produce maximum output with the little roof space available, in order to power the building’s signage.

“Roughly 24kW hours of energy are required per day to run the sign and the solar system was designed to match that number”, said Mr Murtagh.

Mr Murtagh said that the height of the building posed some interesting logistical challenges for the install team. “Moving the equipment to the roof took nearly an entire day”, Mr Murtagh said, “ but luckily the weather was very good for the week when we installed and the view was spectacular.”

The system will offset 12 tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent of carbon produced by 12 postie bikes over the same time period.

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