Koonoomoo, Victoria

  • Big Strawberry solar power
  • Big Strawberry commercial system

Koonoomoo, Victoria

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

35 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

45.7 tonnes

Solar Inverter

2 x SMA STP100000TL

Solar Panels

84 x REC245W

Mounting System


The Big Strawberry, established in 1984, is situated at Koonoomoo, Victoria; approximately 8 km from Tocumwal and 9 Kilometres from Cobram. The business covers 9 hectares with 2 acres being used exclusively for strawberry production. The Big Strawberry also produces a wide range of related products, including jams, wines and liqueurs.

As a grower, the Big Strawberry’s Director Darren Hayes understands his obligation to care for the environment his business depends on.

“The solar power system was matched to the Big Strawberry’s electricity consumption.”

“Operating with a minimal environmental footprint is important to us”, said Mr Hayes. “And just like all Australians, we’re also facing ever-rising electricity costs. Installing solar seemed like the most logical and effective way to reduce our carbon emissions, while saving money in the long term.”

“We did not go into this investment without doing our homework. Twelve months of research led us to the company we chose, Energy Matters. They were selected for quite a few reasons, mainly their professionalism and the high quality materials used in their installation. There are heaps of solar installers out there but this company stood out from the rest.”

The 20.58 kW system was designed to match the Big Strawberry’s electricity consumption, while taking into account budget and available roof space.

“We see solar as an investment in the future growth and expansion of our business. As well as reducing our energy costs, it gives us a sustainable future. We should recoup our outlay in 3.5 years,” said Mr Hayes.

Installation of the system was celebrated in September 2012 at a well attended event attracting many local families and businesses

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