Peak Hill, New South Wales

  • Ullrich Aluminium solar array

Peak Hill, NSW

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

14.6 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

22 tonnes

Solar Inverter

Power-One Aurora 10KW

Solar Panels

40 x REC 250W

Mounting System




Central West Agricentre services farming communities in and around Peak Hills in New South Wales. The Agriwest branch is part of the Ruralco network of agribusinesses, which also incorporates CRT and dozens of other well known Australian agricultural brands.

With an average daily electricity generation of 40kwh, the Central West Agricentre 10kW installation is expected to pay for itself within 4 years. At current electricity pricing (mid-2013), Central West Agricentre will save in the region of $4,350 a year.

“… expected to pay for itself within 4 years”

In addition to the REC solar panels, Power-One Aurora inverter and SunLock mounting system, this array includes Energy Matters’ Power Maximiser.

The Power Maximiser is a small device installed in or near the switchboard. It measures electricity production and consumption; securely transmitting the data to a central server. The data is then interpreted by a software application that displays results and charts via a secure portal.

The analysis of system performance against expected output and other inverter data logging in real-time allows the operator to identify and troubleshoot performance issues remotely and before they occur; helping to ensure ongoing maximum performance of a system.

REC panels were chosen for the Central West Agricentre installation for their excellent performance and robust nature. REC Peak Energy modules have been subjected to damaging potential-induced degradation (PID) resistance testing by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), with excellent results.

Power-One is the world’s second largest manufacturer of inverters and are a common sight on residential and commercial installations throughout the country. The Aurora product line offers “early to wake and late to sleep” features; which help to squeeze as much energy as possible from available sunlight each day.

SunLock mounting systems are a product of Energy Matters’ sister company, Apollo Energy, and made in Australia. SunLock mounting solutions were developed by installation professionals for installation professionals and feature in thousands of arrays across the nation.

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