Richmond, Victoria

  • Investec Solar Power System Project
  • Investec solar panel installation

Richmond, Victoria

System Size

162 kWp


220 MWh


275 tonnes

Solar Panels

BenQ 327W

Solar Inverters

Fronius CL & IG

Mounting System

SunLock 5° tilt


SolarLog 1200

Solar Optimizers


When an insufficient NABERS rating threatened the loss of a government tenant, Investec Australia Limited decided to review the potential of solar power.

Environmental consultants Wood and Grieve engaged Energy Matters along with another company to perform a solar PV feasibility study for the property.

The quality of the Energy Matters study provided Investec the confidence it needed to make the investment into renewable energy.

The concrete roof, located atop a 7 storey inner city building, offered limited space and experienced shading at different places and times throughout the day. The Energy Matters commercial team designed a unique system to suit these challenges.

The design incorporates a 5° commercial SunLock tilt, enabling panel self cleaning, BenQ 327W high efficiency panels to optimise return from roof space and Tigo DC/DC optimisers to ensure maximum efficiency from roof areas that experienced partial shading.

Energy Matters performed all noisy work and building shutdown on Sundays in order to eliminate working day disruption to the government tenant.

All building permit and approval processes for the client were performed by Energy Matters including safe access routes for fire safety.

The success of the project, which includes ongoing system monitoring via Solar Log portal, has given the building the NABERS upgrade required to maintain the government tenant.

NABERS is a national rating system measuring the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies and homes. The program is managed nationally by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, on behalf of Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

In addition to demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense. Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together.

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