Sydney, Australia

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System Size

200 kW

Estimated Annual Production

313 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

241 tonnes

Solar Inverter

18 x SMA SunnyBoy

Solar Panels

952 x Sanyo 210W


September 2010

The Sydney headquarters of an international medical group planned its sustainability program with the goal to reduce the company’s energy usage by 20 percent annually. As well as replacing one of its older chillers and installing sensor-driven efficient lighting, the company commissioned a 200 kilowatt solar panel system to be installed on the roof of its Sydney warehouse facilities in 2010.

Work on the first 100kw of the solar power station began in June 2010. To complete such a large installation, team members were responsible for achieving specific project milestones and achieving them on time, which they did despite heavy rain for the duration of the project.

“The weather conditions were atrocious”, Energy Matters Project Manager Chas Taylor said. “We hoisted over 400 solar panels up onto the roof with a crane, while getting absolutely soaked.”

“ of the largest commercial rooftop solar projects in Australia”

The first stage of the system was switched on in August and was launched by then Minister Assisting the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet and former Member for Bennelong, Maxine McKew, among others.

Work on stage two began in September. Once the second group of solar panels was in place, a WebBox with an RF link was connected between both installations, to provide the customer with daily performance readings. This system went live at the end of the month and its output could be monitored daily by the customer.

Energy Matters worked with the customer and Energy Australia to provide the necessary documentation to achieve Power Station approval from ORER.

“This was the largest solar PV installation Energy Matters had ever done”, said Chas. “And one of the largest commercial rooftop solar projects in Australia. We used our experience in commercial installations to successfully complete the 200kW project; we have proven that we are more than capable of Solar Power Station construction.”

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