Prestons, Sydney, New South Wales

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Prestons, Sydney

Project size

88.4 kW

Estimate annual production

129.6 MWh

Annual carbon offset

151.65 tonnes

Solar panels

340 x 260W REC



Mounting system


Otta was established in 2005 as a food distribution operation serving Sydney and surrounding areas; providing poultry, carton meat, frozen seafood, frozen food, cheese and small goods.

With 12 years’ experience in foods supply, Otta has a strong reputation for providing quality products. A proud participant of the HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point) program, Otta follows strict procedures to maintain maximum product freshness and safety.

This attention to detail translates to all areas of its business; including energy.

Refrigeration is an energy-intensive process and one that features heavily in Otta’s operations; so energy efficiency and use is an important issue.

Energy Matters recently had the pleasure of assisting Otta in its drive to green its electricity supply and save on energy costs by installing an 88.4 kW solar power system at Otta’s Prestons, Sydney site.

The installation consisted of 340 x 260 watt award-winning REC solar panels, Fronius solar inverters and SunLock mounting systems.

The grid-connected system will yield an estimated 129.6 megawatt-hours annually, or approximately 355.2 kilowatt hours per day. This clean electricity production will avoid around 151.65  tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

In addition to demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense.

This significant solar installation will enable Otta to save an estimated $24,700 in the first year after its installation and around $116,061 over 10 years.

Otta is now one of many proud Australian businesses making their own electricity with a rooftop solar energy system from Energy Matters.

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