Hume, ACT

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Hume, ACT

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

41 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

44 tonnes

Solar Inverter

3 x SMA 11000 TL

Solar Panels

126 x REC 235W

Mounting System



April 2011

The owners of the Ullrich Aluminium’s manufacturing facility in the ACT understood that the empty roof space on their building could be put to use to generate income. The resulting solar power system was the first in Energy Matters ‘pay now, pay later, pay never” initiative in the ACT – also the first solar rooftop leasing arrangement in the nation.

Video explaining the solar rooftop leasing initiative

“We were approached by our tenants, Ullrich Aluminium to install solar on our building in Hume”, explained building owners Jim and Judy Reed. “Once Energy Matters told us about the benefits of solar and that we would receive $3,000 a year from them, we were happy to rent out our roof space.”

At the time, the ACT’s feed in tariff was the best in the country for larger installations. The government has mandated the rate to be locked in for approved projects for 20 years. In response to the state government’s support of solar, Energy Matters is offering owners the option to lease their roof space in return for an annual income. This helps many of those who do not have the financial means to take advantage of the great government incentives available for a limited time.

“… all building owners need to do is give us a call to find out how their rooftop can pay”

The Ullrich Aluminium solar system is expected to produce around 49 megawatt hours a year; the equivalent of powering over eight homes.

Should the Reeds choose to purchase the system from Energy Matters at a later date, they will receive the current feed in tariff rate.

David Robinson, Regional Manager of Ullrich Aluminium is happy too. “We had no trouble convincing our landlords to go solar; it was just whether they wanted to make a lot of money by owning the system or a bit of money by renting out their roof space. Our staff loves the look of it and we all get satisfaction from seeing the system performance on our showroom display.”

Time-lapse video of Ullrich Aluminium solar power system installation

Energy Matters groundbreaking “pay now, pay later, pay never” commercial solar programme was launched to prominent ACT business owners at Ullrich Aluminium’s Hume site on Tuesday 17th May. The launch was presided by Simon Corbell, Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, who lauded the program for its positive impact in “cementing the ACT as the solar capital of Australia”.

“Building owners who have around 300m2 of available roof space are ideal candidates to embrace the ACT advantage”, says Energy Matters’ General Manager of Strategic Projects, David Hershan. “It is easy; all they need to do is give us a call to find out how their rooftop can pay.”

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