Docklands, Victoria

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Docklands, Victoria

Project Size

47.5 kW

Carbon Emissions Offset

92.6 Tonnes Annually

Solar Panels

190 x Daqo DQ250PSC

Solar Inverters

2 x Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M

Mounting System

SunLock 10° Commercial Tilt

The rooftops of Yarra’s Edge Towers Two and Three are now generating clean electricity from 190 solar panels that will avoid an estimated 92.6 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Located in Docklands, Victoria and sitting on the north-facing banks of Melbourne’s Yarra River, Yarra’s Edge is home to residents who enjoy absolute water frontage.

The Yarra’s Edge body corporate had been considering solar for a number of years before arriving at a decision to install a system.

After seeking assistance from Smart Blocks regarding the next steps, the body corporate was referred to Positive Charge to organise an experienced installation company for the project.

Energy Matters was then engaged to coordinate the 47.5 kW solar retrofit.

The installation was made very affordable by 290 residents splitting the cost of the project; amounting to around just $230 per resident.

“ We have the social effects of solar where everyone gets involved, they love seeing it on the roof – they’re inspired by it. It also takes the pressure of the grid as it reduces daytime energy load,” said Nick Brass , General Manager and Sales, Energy Matters.

Not only does the installation of the solar array benefit the environment, it will also have financial benefits for the owners who are now paying significantly less for power in their common areas.

“I think honestly that the research that we’ve done would suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to get into solar really should,” said Alan Ascough, Chairman of Yarra’s Edge Owners Corporation.

Mr. Brass stated if every high-rise and apartment building in Australia went solar, that would have a positive effect on 15% of Australia’s mains grid electricity usage.

” As the solar panels are going up we have had a lot of people just feeling better about the building and a lot better about themselves. But it also increases the value of the product, their investment and their lifestyle knowing that we are actually going greener,” said Dean Mollison , Resident Manager.

Aside from demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense. Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together.

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