Energy Matters And SunEdison

Global solar giant , SunEdison Inc. (NYSE:SUNE),  acquired Australia’s Energy Matters group of companies in September 2014.

SunEdison AustraliaSunEdison is a leader in how energy is generated, distributed and owned. The company had its beginnings in St. Peters, Missouri, USA in 1959. Today, it has thousands of staff on 6 continents. It holds 700+ patents relating to everything from the silicon in solar cells to how a solar system integrates into roofing.

SunEdison not only manufactures high quality silicon wafers, cells and solar panels. It also develops, finances, installs and operates solar power systems large and small.

Worldwide, SunEdison has developed more than 1000 megawatts of residential, commercial and utility scale solar energy capacity – enough to power 200,000 average Australian homes.

As at June 2015, these systems have collectively generated more than 7.47 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and avoided in excess of 2,991,291 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

A Global Presence

The company has solar installations, manufacturing facilities and 39 offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia – now including Australia

Its semiconductor wafer manufacturing plants are located in Europe, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. The solar farms SunEdison owns and operates are located in regions including North America, Central and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

World’s Largest Global Renewable Energy Developer

The company has grown rapidly as the world turns to renewable energy to address pressing environmental and energy cost issues. SunEdison isn’t just a leader in the field of solar energy. In November 2014, it announced it would be acquiring First Wind – one of the USA’s largest wind farm developers. As a result of this acquisition, SunEdison is now the world’s biggest global developer of renewable energy projects.

SunEdison – Powering Australia’s Solar Revolution

The company’s extensive experience and resources will bring many benefits to Energy Matters’ customers, partners and the Australian solar revolution generally.

Innovative programs offered via SunEdison for Australian households and businesses will boost the uptake of solar by providing zero capital outlay systems; enabling immediate savings.

Solar For Everyone, Everywhere

SunEdison believes a commitment to high ethical standards is an important competitive advantage. SunEdison is committed to ensuring ethics is one of the areas in which the company is, and continues to be, a recognized global leader.

Social responsibility and good corporate citizenship are very important to the company. SunEdison is working to bring renewable energy solutions to some of the 1.7 billion people around the world without electricity through its “Eradication Of Darkness” program.

In February 2015, SunEdison  announced a goal of delivering solar electricity to 20 million people in communities throughout the world without access to mains grid power  by 2020.

For villages already benefiting from the program, the day no longer ends when the sun sets.

SunEdison is delivering the promise of solar energy – for Australians, and for everyone; everywhere.

You can learn more about the company on the SunEdison Australia web site, the SunEdison global web site or read more about its activities in Australia and elsewhere in our SunEdison news section.