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Whether it’s the latest in battery technology, the right solar setup for you, or a solar-focused energy service, DC Power Co is the business to talk to.

Designed for solar people, by solar people, the company was established in the world’s largest equity crowdfunding campaign for the launch of a business. Owned by over 13,000 like-minded Australians, the team is disrupting the energy industry to get better value for solar homes.

A next-generation battery package for under $6000

The DC Sunny Saver battery package packs a punch for just $5850 excluding installation, and it’s compatible with any solar setup. With an extended warranty, free delivery to your door, and installation starting from $1595, you’ll want to be quick to get your hands on one of these.

JUST $1595

A powerful and simple package, compatible with any solar setup.


What’s in the DC Sunny Saver Battery Package?

  • Sungrow 4.8kWh Battery – With safe and reliable Samsung battery cells
  • Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter – An integrated energy management system
  • Emergency Blackout Box – For security when the power goes out


Power through blackouts, just like Ian

After installing his solar battery, Ian had a blackout the very next day. His power stayed on. Watch Ian’s full story to find out how a solar battery can help you.

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An energy service built to maximise your savings

DC Power Co knows that solar households are different, which is why they provide more than just a connection to the grid. When you sign up for electricity with them, you can have confidence your solar system is working and you’re getting the most from it. With the Solar Alert SMS, you will be notified if ever your exports look unusual.

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Solar panels and system upgrades designed for you

There is no issue too big or small when it comes to reducing your bill. If you’re interested in getting solar panels for the first time, or looking to upgrade your system, DC Power Co can arrange the best setup for you.

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