In addition to the national Solar Cities program, South Australia and Victoria were the first states in Australia to offer special energy efficiency incentive programs for householders. These programs are designed to operate through electricity retailers in each state. Let’s examine some of the  energy efficiency program options available.

Victoria – Energy Save Incentive energy efficiency program

Energy Saver Incentive is part of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET). It is a  requirement placed on energy retailers throughout Victoria to meet their own greenhouse gas emission reduction targets through energy efficiency activities. For example, such as providing households with energy saving products and services at little or no cost.

This energy efficiency program commenced 1 January 2009 and may cut the average Victorian household power bill by around $45 per year. Electricity providers throughout Victoria are receiving encouragement from the Victorian Government to establish partnerships with renewable energy companies such as Energy Matters. This is in order to offer their customers items with discounts.

Victorian government approved energy efficiency program activities

Hot water
Gas/LPG water heater replaces an electric resistance water heater
Electric boosted solar or heat pump hot water heater replaces an electric resistance water heater
Solar Retrofit Kit fitted to an existing electric resistance water heater
Gas/LPG boosted solar hot water heater replaces electric resistance water heater
Gas/:PG boosted solar hot water replaces gas/lpg water heater
Solar Pre-Heater for an existing gas/lpg water heater
Space Heating
Installation of high efficiency ducted gas heater to replace existing gas ducted heater
Installation of high efficiency ducted gas heater to replace existing central electric resistance heater
Installation of ducted Air-to-air heat pump to replace existing ducted air-to-air heat pump
Installation of ducted Air-to-air heat pump to replace existing central electric resistance heater
Installation of Gas/LPG space heater
Install high efficiency space air-to-air heat pump
Installation of ceiling insulation in existing home with uninsulated ceilings
Installation of under floor insulation in existing home with uninsulated floors
Installation of a thermally efficient window or door
Retrofit of window (additional pane)
Retrofit of window (additional film)
Weather proof door
Exhaust fan
Weather seal wall vents
Weather seal windows
Install chimney damper
Installation of low energy  general lighting service lamp
Installation of low energy small decorative lamp
Installation of low energy reflector lamp
installation of low energy downlights
Shower Rose
Installation of low flow shower rose replacing conventional shower rose
Purchase of high efficiency appliances
Destruction of fridge built before 1996
Purchase of high efficiency 1- door refrigerator
Purchase of high efficiency 2 – door refrigerator
Purchase of high efficiency chest freezer
Purchase of high efficiency vertical freezer

How to participate

Householders in Victoria should to contact their electricity company in early January for further information. You can then find out what the supplier is offering in terms of incentives and assistance. If you’re wanting to install a solar hot water system, please contact us first. We may be able to arrange a discount for you by negotiating with your electricity company!

South Australia REES program

The average South Australian home generates about eight tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

South Australian households will be able to lower their energy bills and help reduce greenhouse emissions at little or no cost through the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) program. This program commenced on 1 January 2009.

The REES program requires all SA gas and electricity retailers that have 5,000 customers or more to offer incentives to households to save energy. This can be in a variety of ways, such as converting an electric hot water service a solar hot water system.

The REES scheme is available to all SA households with a particular focus on providing cheap or free solutions to low-income households. Electricity retailers in South Australia are receiving encouragement to enter into partnerships with renewable energy companies. This includesx Energy Matters in order to offer their customers discounted items.

SA government approved energy efficiency activities

Lighting Changing light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs
Shower heads Replacing an existing showerhead with a water
Insulation Installing ceiling insulation where there isn’t any
Draught proofing Sealing gaps in door, windows and exhaust fans to stop excessive air flow.
Refrigeration Removal of old fridges and freezers
Heating & cooling Upgrading heating and cooling systems to more efficient systems, or installing ductwork which makes them work more efficiently.
Water heaters Installing a more efficient water heater, such as a solar hot water system or
heat pump.

Householders in South Australia should contact their electricity retailer for information about incentives and assistance.

Energy efficiency program