GoodWe DNS G3 Series Inverter Review


3-6 kW | Single Phase | 2 MPPTs

The GoodWe DNS G3 series is a popular choice for single-phase residential solar power systems. It represents a significant advancement in solar inverter technology, designed to meet the needs of residential solar energy systems. It’s known for its compact design, high efficiency, safety, and user-friendly operation, making it a compelling option for homeowners looking to maximise their solar investment.

The DNS G3 Series is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to optimise their solar investment. If you’re considering a solar power system for your home, the GoodWe DNS G3 series is definitely worth exploring.

GoodWe dns-g3-series-inverter

Key features for Australian homes

  • Compact and quiet design: The DNS G3 boasts a lightweight and fanless design, making it ideal for discreet wall mounting inside your home. This quiet operation ensures minimal noise disruption, perfect for residential settings.
  • High efficiency and power output: The DNS G3 boasts a maximum efficiency of 97.9%, ensuring you convert the most sunlight into usable electricity. Additionally, it supports 150% DC input oversizing, allowing you to install more solar panels than your inverter capacity for future expansion or to account for seasonal variations in sunlight intensity.
  • Dual MPPT inputs: The DNS G3 features two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inputs. This allows you to optimise power generation even with uneven roof shading or layouts with different panel orientations.
  • Superb safety and reliability: The DNS G3 is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. It boasts an IP66 rating for complete protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for outdoor installation. Additionally, it comes with integrated surge protection and optional Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) for enhanced safety.
  • Optimised for Australian conditions: The DNS G3 is compatible with high-power solar panels, a common trend in the Australian market. It also features a maximum 16A input current per string, well-suited for handling the strong sunlight conditions experienced in many parts of Australia.
  • User-friendly monitoring:  The inverter offers Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring via GoodWe’s user-friendly smartphone app. This allows you to track your system’s performance, identify any potential issues, and optimise your energy production.

Specifications of the GoodWe DNS G3 Series

The DNS G3 series comes in various models with power outputs ranging from 3kW to 6kW, suitable for most residential solar system needs. Here are some key specifications.

  • Power output range: 3-6KW
  • Maximum input voltage: 600V
  • MPPT operating voltage range: 40 ~ 560V
  • Maximum input current per MPPT: 16A
  • Maximum efficiency: 97.9%
  • European efficiency: Up to 97.4%
  • Protection level: IP66

These inverters also feature fanless cooling, contributing to a low noise during operation. The high-current input and DC input oversizing capabilities allow for up to 150% DC input oversizing, ensuring that the system can handle higher power inputs from the solar panels without compromising performance.

goodwe dns-g3-series-inverter
goodwe dns-g3-series-inverter
goodwe dns-g3-series-inverter

GoodWe DNS G3 Series Inverter warranty

GoodWe offers a robust warranty for the DNS G3 Series, providing homeowners with peace of mind. The standard manufacturer warranty covers 10 years and can be extended further.

Pros of the GoodWe DNS G3

  • Competitive price point: Compared to other major brands, the DNS G3 offers good value for its features.
  • High efficiency: Maximises solar energy conversion into usable electricity.
  • Scalability: Allows for future system expansion by adding more solar panels.
  • Quiet operation: Ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  • Easy installation: A lightweight and fanless design simplifies the installation process.
  • Extended warranty: GoodWe currently offers a 10-year warranty on the DNS G3 series in Australia, providing peace of mind for your investment.
  • User-friendly monitoring: The DNS G3 offers easy monitoring capabilities for system performance tracking.

Cons of the GoodWe DNS G3

  • Limited MPPTs: Compared to higher-end inverters, the DNS G3 only offers two MPPTs. This might be a drawback for complex roof layouts with panels facing significantly different directions.
  • Previously short warranty: While GoodWe has introduced a 10-year warranty promotion in Australia, it is important to confirm the specific warranty terms offered at the time of purchase.

GoodWe DNS G3 Series for residential applications

The DNS G3 Series is specifically designed for single-phase residential applications. Its integration with high-current input and DC input oversizing capabilities makes it suitable for optimised power generation and substantial returns on investment. These inverters are ideal for residential solar energy storage projects, providing greater options for household energy management and sustainability.

Targeting the budget-conscious customer

GoodWe has carved a niche in the Australian market by offering high-quality inverters at competitive prices. The DNS G3 series is no exception. By choosing GoodWe, you can expect to save a significant amount upfront compared to some leading brands. This makes the DNS G3 series a compelling option for homeowners looking to maximise their return on investment.

Is the GoodWe DNS G3 right for you?

The GoodWe DNS G3 is an excellent choice for Australian homeowners looking for a reliable and efficient inverter at a competitive price. Its high efficiency, scalability, and quiet operation make it a compelling option. However, if you have a complex roof layout or prioritise an extended warranty, you might consider inverters with more MPPTs or longer warranty periods.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

  • Ideal for: Straightforward roof layouts with high-power solar panels. Budget-conscious homeowners who prioritise value and ease of installation.
  • Not ideal for: Complex roof layouts with panels facing different directions (consider GoodWe’s inverters with multiple MPPTs), or those seeking a long warranty.

Here are some additional factors to consider before making your decision:

  • System size: Ensure the DNS G3’s power output capacity aligns with your planned solar panel installation.
  • Roof layout: If your roof has panels facing significantly different directions, you might benefit from an inverter with more MPPTs.
  • Budget: Consider the overall cost of the inverter, including installation, compared to other options.

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