GoodWe EH Series Inverter Review


3.6-6 kW | Single phase | 2 MPPTs | Battery ready (HV)

The GoodWe EH Series is a compelling option for Australian homeowners seeking a future-proof solar inverter solution. Its battery-ready design with HV compatibility allows seamless solar battery storage system integration. 

The dual MPPTs, fast grid switching, and backup power capabilities make it a well-rounded inverter for various residential solar panel setups. If you’re looking for a reliable, expandable, and budget-friendly inverter solution for your Australian home, the GoodWe EH Series is definitely worth considering.

goodWe EH series

Key features of the GoodWe EH Series

  • Battery ready (HV): The EH Series boasts a “battery-ready” design, meaning it can be easily upgraded to a complete solar storage system by activating a code. This future-proofs your inverter, allowing you to add battery backup later on without needing a complete system replacement. The inverter is compatible with high voltage (HV) batteries ranging from 85V to 450V.
  • Dual MPPTs: The EH Series has two Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs). MPPTs play a crucial role in optimising energy production from your solar panels. With two MPPTs, the inverter can handle situations where your roof has panels facing different directions or experiencing varying degrees of shade throughout the day. Each MPPT tracks the ideal operating point for a connected group (string) of panels, ensuring maximum power generation even under non-uniform conditions.
  • Fast grid switching: The EH Series boasts an impressive grid switching time of less than 9 seconds. This rapid response ensures uninterrupted power supply to your home in case of grid outages. Critical appliances will continue to function seamlessly, minimising disruption.
  • User-friendly design: The EH Series prioritises ease of installation and maintenance. It comes with pre-wired communication cables, reducing installation time and complexity. Additionally, the Plug & Play AC connector simplifies operation and future maintenance.
  • High efficiency and self-consumption: The EH Series delivers a maximum efficiency of over 97.6%, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment. It’s also designed to minimise power deviation, keeping self-consumption rates high. This means you’ll be utilising more of your system’s solar energy, reducing reliance on the grid.

Specifications of the GoodWe EH Series 3.6-6 kW Inverter

  • Power output: 3.6 kW – 6 kW
  • MPPTs: 2
  • Battery voltage range: 85-460V (High Voltage)
  • Apparent power output: 6500 VA
  • Back-up nominal apparent power: 6500 VA
goodWe EH series

EH Series inverter warranty

GoodWe EH Series inverters come with a standard 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.  It’s important to check with your installer about any extended warranty options they may offer.

Applications of the EH Series 2MPPT

This inverter is ideal for residential solar power systems with plans for future battery storage. Its 3.6kW to 6kW power output range can cater to the needs of various-sized homes. The high voltage battery compatibility and wide MPPT range make it a versatile option for maximising solar energy production and self-consumption.

  • Residential solar power systems with battery backup potential
  • Homes looking to maximise self-consumption and energy independence
  • Systems with two differently oriented solar panel arrays
  • Applications requiring uninterrupted power for critical loads

Pros of the GoodWe EH Series 3.6-6 kW Inverter

  • Battery-ready (HV): This inverter allows you to easily add battery storage to your solar system in the future, increasing your self-consumption and energy independence. High-voltage battery compatibility (85-460V) offers more design flexibility.
  • Two MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking): Handles uneven sunlight conditions by optimising power production from two solar panel arrays facing different directions or experiencing shading at different times.
  • Fast backup switching: Provides uninterrupted power to critical loads during grid outages with automatic UPS-level switching in under 10 milliseconds.
  • Wide power output range: Supports a power output range of 3.6 kW to 6 kW, making it suitable for various residential solar system sizes.
  • Communicative inverter: Integrates with smart home systems and offers multiple communication protocols for remote monitoring and system transparency.
  • Lightweight and efficient design: Simplifies installation and operation, potentially reducing installation costs.

Cons of the GoodWe EH Series 3.6-6 kW Inverter

  • Installer dependence: Since this inverter is battery-ready, activating the battery function might require assistance from a qualified solar installer.
  • Grid-tied only (current model): The EH series inverter cannot function independently off-grid. While it allows for future battery addition, a separate battery inverter may be needed for a completely off-grid system (depending on your needs).

Is the GoodWe EH Series right for you?

The EH Series is ideal for homeowners in Australia who are looking for a solar inverter with the following needs:

  • Planning for future battery storage: If you’re considering adding battery storage to your solar system later, the EH Series eliminates the need to replace your inverter when you’re ready to switch.
  • Optimising solar energy production: Homes with roofs with panels facing different directions or experiencing shade can benefit from the dual MPPTs, ensuring maximum power generation.
  • Have a complex roof layout: The dual MPPTs ensure optimal performance even if your solar panels face different directions or experience varying shade patterns.
  • Prioritise fast grid switching: The EH Series’ capability minimises disruption during power outages.
  • Value user-friendly design: Pre-wired cables and a plug-and-play connector make installation and maintenance straightforward.

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