GoodWe ET Series 3 MPPT Inverter Review


15-29.9 kW | Three phase | Up to 3 MPPTs | Hybrid Inverter (HV)

The GoodWe ET Series 3 MPPT inverter offers a compelling solution for Australian homes and businesses seeking a powerful, feature-rich inverter for large solar systems. With its three-phase operation, multiple MPPT inputs, and hybrid functionality, the ET Series can help you maximise solar energy production, reduce reliance on the grid, and potentially lower your electricity bills.


For those considering battery storage, the ET Series offers seamless integration with compatible batteries. If you have a large solar system or complex roof layout, the GoodWe ET Series is definitely worth considering.

goodWe ET Series 3 MPPT

Key features of the GoodWe ET Series 3 MPPT

  • High power output: Ranging from 15 kW to 29.9 kW, the ET series is suitable for large residential applications, small commercial setups, and even light industrial use.
  • Three-phase operation: Designed for three-phase power systems, common in larger properties in Australia, the inverter ensures efficient energy management.
  • Multiple MPPT inputs (up to 3): MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) tracks the optimal output from your solar panels, maximising energy production even under variable conditions. With up to 3 MPPT inputs, the ET series can handle complex roof layouts or different panel orientations.
  • Hybrid functionality: The key feature of the ET series is its ability to integrate with battery storage. This allows you to store excess solar energy during the day and use it at night or during peak grid demand.
  • Peak shaving: This feature helps you avoid exceeding your grid connection capacity by intelligently managing your solar energy use and grid import.
  • Battery compatibility: The ET series has a good range of battery options, including the GoodWe Lynx Home F series, which offers a convenient one-stop-shop solution.
  • Dry contact control: The inverter allows for activating external loads, like heat pumps, based on energy availability, further optimising consumption.
  • Wide input voltage range: The inverter can handle a wide range of DC input voltage from your solar panels, ensuring compatibility with most setups.
  • High efficiency: With a maximum efficiency of 98.0%, the ET series minimises energy loss during conversion from DC to AC power.
  • IP66 enclosure rating: The inverter boasts a weatherproof IP66 enclosure rating, making it suitable for outdoor Australian conditions.

Specifications of the ET Series 3 MPPT

  • Power output: 15 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW, 29.9 kW
  • MPPT inputs: Up to 3
  • Maximum DC input voltage: 1500 VDC
  • Maximum AC output current: 41.7 A per phase (25 kW model)
goodWe ET Series 3 MPPT
goodWe ET Series 3 MPPT

ET Series 3 MPPT inverter warranty

GoodWe typically offers a 10-year standard warranty on the ET series inverter. Confirming the exact warranty terms with your local solar retailer or installer is advisable.

Applications of the ET Series 3 MPPT

  • Large residential homes: Power high-energy appliances and enjoy the benefits of self-consumption with battery storage.
  • Small to medium commercial buildings: Offset energy costs and potentially reduce peak demand charges.
  • Industrial facilities: Meet high energy demands while exploring energy independence through battery storage.

Pros of the ET Series 3 MPPTs inverter

  • High power output: It is suitable for large residential, small commercial, and industrial applications with a 15 kW to 29.9 kW power range.
  • Three-phase power: Ideal for balanced power distribution in three-phase power systems.
  • Multiple MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking): Up to 3 MPPTs allow optimal solar energy harvesting even with uneven roof conditions.
  • Hybrid functionality: Integrates seamlessly with high-voltage batteries for energy storage and self-consumption.
  • Backup power: Provides emergency power during grid outages with uninterrupted switching times.
  • Peak shaving: Helps reduce reliance on peak grid power usage, potentially lowering electricity bills.

Cons of the ET Series 3 MPPTs inverter

  • Limited user reviews: As a relatively new product, user reviews might be scarce making in-depth assessment of real-world performance challenging.
  • Potentially higher cost: The ET Series might be more expensive than standard solar inverters due to its higher power output and hybrid capabilities.

Is the GoodWe ET Series 3 MPPT right for you?

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Ideal for: Large homes, small businesses, and industrial facilities with significant energy demands and three-phase power.
  • Especially suited for: Properties with complex roof layouts or a mix of panel orientations that can benefit from multiple MPPTs for optimised power generation.
  • Are you considering battery storage? The ET Series is a great option for adding battery backup to your solar system, increasing self-consumption and energy independence.

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