GoodWe ETC Series Inverter Review


50/100kW | Three phase | 1/2 MPPT | Hybrid inverter (HV)


The GoodWe ETC Series is a powerful, versatile hybrid inverter solution for Australia’s commercial and industrial solar applications. Its high power output, wide battery voltage range, fast backup switching, and robust warranty make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking to maximise self-consumption, reduce grid reliance, and ensure reliable backup power.  When considering a hybrid inverter for your commercial solar project, the GoodWe ETC Series is definitely worth exploring.

goodWe ETC series

Key features of the GoodWe ETC Series Inverter

  • High power capacity: Available in 50kW and 100kW models, the ETC series is suitable for large-scale solar installations.
  • Wide battery voltage range: The inverter boasts a compatibility range of 200 to 865V DC, allowing flexibility in battery selection.
  • Modular design: The inverter utilises a plug-and-play modular design with five main sections (MPPT, DC/DC, DC/AC, STS, and EMS) for easier installation and maintenance.
  • Fast backup switching: Featuring UPS-level switching with a sub-10 milliseconds response time, the ETC series ensures seamless backup power in case of grid outages.
  • Advanced power management: The inverter offers active power control, reactive power control, and power factor control, making it suitable for microgrid applications and maintaining grid stability.
  • High surge protection: A built-in Type II SPD (Surge Protective Device) safeguards the system against damaging voltage spikes.

Specifications of the GoodWe ETC Series Inverter

  • Model options: GW50K07-ETC, GW50K06-ETC, GW100K07-ETC, GW100K06-ETC
  • Power output: 50kW or 100kW
  • Number of MPPTs: 1 (standard), 2 (optional)
  • Maximum DC Input Voltage: 1000V
  • Maximum DC Input Current: 23.1A (50kW) / 46.2A (100kW)
  • Maximum AC Output Current: 30.8A (50kW) / 61.5A (100kW)
  • Battery voltage range: 200-865V
  • Warranty: 10 years (standard)
goodWe ETC series
goodWe ETC series
goodWe ETC series

ETC Series Inverter warranty

GoodWe offer a 10-year standard warranty on the ETC series inverter in Australia, providing peace of mind for your investment.

Applications of the GoodWe ETC Series Inverter

The GoodWe ETC series is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications in Australia, including

  • Large-scale solar farms: The ETC series’ high power capacity and wide battery voltage range make it perfect for utility-scale solar farm generation.
  • Commercial buildings: Businesses with high energy consumption can reduce their electricity bills by using self-consumption and peak-shaving capabilities.
  • Industrial facilities: Factories and manufacturing plants can leverage the ETC series for reliable backup power and improved grid stability.

Pros of the GoodWe ETC Series 50/100kW | Hybrid inverter (HV) Inverter

  • Modular design: The inverter features a user-friendly Plug & Play modular design with five main sections for easier installation and maintenance.
  • Fast backup switching: With UPS-level switching speeds under 10ms, the ETC series ensures a seamless and uninterrupted power supply for critical loads during outages.
  • Wide battery voltage range: The inverter accommodates a broad voltage range (200 to 865V), which increases compatibility with various battery systems.
  • High power output: It boasts 110% continuous AC overloading on backup for maximised power delivery and efficient energy use.
  • Flexible power distribution: The three-phase design with per-phase power ranging from 0 to 17 kW offers greater load flexibility and adapts to diverse application scenarios.
  • Unbalanced output capability: The inverter can handle 100% unbalanced output, ensuring reliable backup power even in uneven load distribution situations.

Cons of the GoodWe ETC Series 50/100kW | Hybrid inverter (HV) Inverter

  • Limited MPPTs: With only 1 or 2 MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers), the inverter might be less suitable for complex roof layouts requiring individual optimisation for different panel orientations.
  • Potentially higher upfront cost: Compared to some single-phase inverters, the three-phas

Is the GoodWe ETC Series right for you?

The ETC Series is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities looking to:

  • Maximise self-consumption: The system’s ability to store excess solar energy in compatible batteries allows for increased use of generated power, reducing reliance on the grid.
  • Implement peak shaving: Businesses can minimise electricity costs associated with time-of-use billing structures by strategically discharging stored solar energy during peak demand periods.
  • Ensure backup power: The inverter’s seamless backup switching provides critical loads with uninterrupted power during grid outages.

Things to consider:

  • Project size: The 50kW and 100kW models cater to different project requirements. Ensure you choose the appropriate capacity for your solar array size and power needs.
  • Battery compatibility: Ensure your chosen system is compatible with the ETC Series’ high voltage range.

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