GoodWe XS Plus+ Series Inverter Review


0.7-3kW | Single Phase | 1 MPPT

The GoodWe XS Plus+ series inverter is a strong contender in the Australian solar market, particularly for residential applications. This review dives into the key features, performance metrics, and suitability of the XS Plus+ to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your solar power system.

goodwe xs-plus-series-inverter

Key features of the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series

  • Ultra-compact design: The XS Plus+ boasts an incredibly small footprint, measuring roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper and weighing only 5.8kg. This makes it easy to install in tight spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • High efficiency: With a maximum European efficiency of 97.2%, the XS Plus+ series minimises energy loss during conversion from DC solar power to usable AC power for your home. This translates to increased solar energy production and lower electricity bills.
  • DC input oversizing: The inverter offers 130% DC input oversizing, allowing you to add more solar panels to your system in the future without needing to replace the inverter. This provides flexibility for system expansion as your energy needs grow.
  • AC output overloading: The XS Plus+ can handle up to 110% AC output overloading for short periods, ensuring smooth operation even during peak power demands in your home.
  • Smart monitoring: The inverter comes with built-in Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity, enabling remote monitoring of your solar system’s performance through the GoodWe monitoring app. This allows you to track energy production, identify potential issues, and optimise system performance. (Optional: GoodWe HomeKit 1000 can be purchased for additional features like 24/7 load consumption monitoring and dynamic export power limitation)
  • Quiet operation: The XS Plus+ series is designed for quiet operation, making it a good choice for noise-sensitive environments.

Specifications of the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series

The XS Plus+ series comes in various models with different power outputs, ranging from 0.7kW to 3.0kW. Here’s a quick look at some key specifications:

  • Model options: GW700-XS-11, GW1000-XS-11, GW1500-XS-11, GW2000-XS-11, GW2500-XS-11, GW3000-XS-11
  • Power output: 0.7kW to 3.0kW
  • Maximum DC input voltage: Varies depending on the model (refer to datasheet)
  • Maximum DC input current: Varies depending on the model (refer to datasheet)
  • Maximum AC output voltage: 230V
  • Maximum AC output current: 80A
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, LAN
goodwe xs-plus-series-inverter
goodwe xs-plus-series-inverter

GoodWe XS Plus+ Series Inverter warranty

In Australia, GoodWe offers a 10-year XS Plus+ Series inverter warranty, which provides peace of mind in case of malfunctions.

Applications of the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series

The GoodWe XS Plus+ series is ideal for a variety of residential solar applications in Australia, including:

  • New homes with solar panel systems
  • Existing homes adding solar panels
  • Small to medium-sized homes with moderate energy consumption

Pros of the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series

The XS Plus+ series shines for homeowners in Australia with its focus on comfort, efficiency, and ease of installation. Here are some of its key strengths:

  • Compact design and lightweight: Perfect for smaller rooftops or tight spaces, the XS Plus+ is incredibly lightweight and about the size of a piece of paper, making installation a breeze.
  • High efficiency: You’ll maximise your solar energy production with the XS Plus+ series’ impressive efficiency rating, reaching up to 97.2% to convert sunlight into usable electricity.
  • Smart monitoring: You can enjoy the convenience of remotely monitoring your solar system’s performance through the built-in Wi-Fi or LAN options.
  • DC oversizing capability: The XS Plus+ allows for DC input oversizing up to 130%, enabling your system to generate more power during ideal conditions.
  • Quiet operation: This inverter is designed for silent operation, ensuring minimal noise disruption in your home.
  • Budget-friendly: Compared to other inverters in the market, the XS Plus+ Series is known for being a cost-effective option.

Cons of the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series

While a great option for many, the XS Plus+ series might be challenging in some situations. Here are some things to consider:

  • Limited capacity: With a maximum output of 3.0 kW, the XS Plus+ series is ideal for smaller homes or those with limited roof space. Larger homes or those with high energy consumption may need a higher-capacity inverter.
  • Single MPPT: The XS Plus+ only offers one Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) tracker. This might be a limitation if your roof has shading or faces different directions, as it can affect overall efficiency.

Is the GoodWe XS Plus+ Series right for you?

The GoodWe XS Plus+ series is an excellent choice for Australian homeowners looking for a compact, efficient, and user-friendly solar inverter. Its high efficiency, DC oversizing capability, and smart monitoring features make it a strong contender for smaller to medium-sized residential solar systems. However, if you have a larger system with shading concerns, you might need to explore multi-MPPT inverter options.

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