Heat Pumps (180 & 270 Litres) - FREE/Heavily Discounted on Victorian & Federal Programs

Available under the Victoria VEEC scheme, the EcoAlliance Heat Pump Series is a new generation of hot water heat pumps that uses the surrounding air to generate hot water. The EcoAlliance Heat Pump range uses smart, renewable energy technology to extract energy from the surrounding air and utilises that thermal energy to generate hot water. This method of energy extraction means the heat pump doesn’t have to rely on conventional gas or direct sunlight to provide hot water for your home or business.
Thanks to the Federal and State Governments, no charges or hidden fees are applied for the supply and installation of your new hot water service by certified professionals as long as all conditions are met. The Dynaheat Heat Pump Hot Water Heater has been approved under three Government Rebate schemes: Commonwealth RET, State funding in Victoria under VEU and additional subsidies can apply via Solar VIC.