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Brief guide to solar regulators

A solar regulator (also known as a charge controller) is used in conjunction with a stand alone (off grid) or a grid connect solar power system that incorporates a backup battery bank.

Avoiding the tricks and traps of buying a solar power system

Shopping for a solar power system can be an exciting time for many people, but as with any substantial investment, you’ll need to be careful who you deal with. This guide will help you separate the cream from the cons.

Solar panel glass – plate vs. tempered glass

An issue overlooked when buying a solar panel is in relation to the type of glass used – is it tempered or normal plate glass? The type of glass used on a solar panel really does matter.

Solar panel security

Solar panels are valuable and unfortunately the more unscrupulous in our society are realizing that too. Around the world there’s been a marked increase in the theft of solar panels, with people losing up to tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in single incidents. Here’s some handy tips for solar panel security.

Wind energy vs. solar power

When considering a off grid or grid connect power system; the two main choices for renewable energy equipment are wind turbines and solar panels. So which is the superior, wind energy or solar power?

How solar hot water works

Aside from cost and greenhouse gas emissions savings, the beauty of a solar hot water system is its relative simplicity and durability! Learn more about how solar hot water systems work.

Introduction to inverters

In the context of renewable energy, an inverter is a device that will convert DC battery voltage into mains type AC power. In this article, we look at the basics of inverter operation and different types of inverters.

Introduction to battery chargers

Battery chargers vary a great deal in intelligence, the types of batteries they can charge, how they maintain batteries, and how long they take to charge. As batteries are such a big investment when it comes to off grid solar power systems, it’s important to get the right one for an off grid solar power system.

How a wind turbine works

Wind comes from atmospheric changes; changes in temperature and pressure makes the air move around the surface of the earth; all of which is triggered by the sun. So in a way, wind energy is another form of solar power. A wind turbine captures the wind to produce energy.

Solar power and feed in tariffs

Did you know that installing a residential solar power system may be able to generate income for a household? Learn more about feed in tariffs and their importance in helping solar power become a primary energy source, stimulating clean tech jobs growth and to assist in lower the initial cost of purchasing renewable energy systems.

Off grid solar power

Going off grid is becoming increasingly popular. According to USA Today, in 2006 there were around 180,000 households in the USA living off grid. This figure has grown dramatically over the past decade – around 33% growth a year. No longer confined to the realm of “tree-hugging hippies”, off grid is now mainstream.

Going Off Grid – Deep Cycle Batteries

Like the other components of an off grid solar power setup, batteries play a vital role and they need to be a special type. Car batteries can serve for off grid power storage purposes for short term and emergency use, but even then they wear out very quickly – they simply aren’t up to the task. What’s needed is a deep cycle battery.

Residential Solar power – Off Grid and Grid connect

Rapid technological advancement coupled with renewable energy incentives and rebates is now giving more home owners increased access to powering their homes via solar energy. There are two main types of solar power options for homes – off grid and grid connect; we look at both types in this article.

Solar Heat Pumps Explained

Usually when you think of solar hot water, solar panels and a collector tank installed on a roof spring to mind – a traditional solar hot water system. A solar heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat water – that doesn’t need solar panels and can save a bundle of cash on hot water bills, as they use approximately one third the energy of an
electric water heater.

Residential Solar Power Basics

Many people are a little wary of hooking up a residential solar power system; much of the hesitation due to the jargon involved which can get a little confusing. Terms like “photovoltaic cells”, “solar cells” pop up – what’s the difference?

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