Free solar power and renewable energy news widget!

Would you like to offer your web site  or blog visitors current news from the world of solar power and renewable energy? Try our free widget! The feed displays recent news items published on Energy Matters; with fresh content daily Monday to Friday All articles open in a new window so you won’t lose visitors from your site! We’ve made the widget easy to implement and very flexible so you can adjust it to fit in with the styles of your own site or blog. Keep it plain or if you’re a CSS master, make it pretty, it’s up to you – some customisation tips are below.
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Renewable Energy News
Courtesy of Energy Matters Solar Power Australia
Renewable Energy News
Courtesy of Energy Matters Solar Power Australia
  Get the code: click “select” then control + c on your keyboard

Widget instructions

Simply click either button above and then Control + C on your keyboard, then paste it where you want the feed to appear. That’s all you need to do!

Customising your widget

You can make your widget wider, shorter, thinner – whatever suits you best. It’s just a matter of making minor adjustments in the code. For example:
  • To change height, adjust “height: 200px;”
  • To change width, adjust the “width:” value
  • To change background colour, adjust “background-color:” – here’s a hex color code chart
… and so one with other values such as font family, font size etc. Adjust anything you like, but we just ask you leave the “Courtesy of Energy Matters Solar Power Australia” lines as is and leave the link to our site in place.

Roll your own – full  headlines display

If you would prefer to show all the headlines and snippets without the scroll box, that’s super easy too! Here’s the code you’ll need:
You can use it as is, place it within a table or div for width control, however you like! Again, implement how you wish but please leave the “Courtesy of Energy Matters Solar Power Australia” lines along with the link as it is. Enjoy!