• Laczynski Home Solar Power System
System Capacity

1.4 kW

Expected Quarterly Benefit


CO2 reduction

2.5 tonnes annually

System Specs

6 x REC 235W panels; SMA SB 1700W inverter


November 2010

After receiving yet another massive power bill, Jan Laczynski’s wife Restiyani pointed out that every house in her hometown of Jakarta had a solar system on its roof and that they should consider it as a way to reduce their outgoings.

Mr Laczynski was hesitant at first but researched the cost and payback of solar systems, deciding eventually on purchasing with Energy Matters, with the expectation of receiving a payback within two to three years. “When we first had the solar system installed, I was a bit nervous about whether I’d made the right decision”, Mr Laczynski said. “But we were shocked when we received our first bill.”

Facing quarterly electricity bills of on average $750, Mr Lacynzski is generally out during the day at work, while his wife and young son Joshua stay at home. After the recent installation of a reverse cycle air conditioner in the home, their peak-time energy use was quite high. Mr Laczynski was happy to see a couple hundred dollar reduction on their first bill, but was even more surprised to see it reduced to just $200 in total by the second quarter. “It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made”, said Mr Lacyznski. “We got everything and much more than expected and the pleasant shock of seeing my electric meter going backwards. Energy Matters delivered on everything that they promised.” The Laczynski’s are considering purchasing a new home in the near future. “When we move we will definitely be getting another solar system, perhaps even a bigger one”, said Mr Laczynski.

“It makes financial sense to make your own electricity and save a fortune. Anyone wanting to reduce their electricity bill has a choice…solar!”

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