• Smith Home Solar Panels System
System Capacity

3.995 kW

Expected Quarterly Benefit


CO2 reduction

9 tonnes annually

System Specs

17 x REC 235W panels; SMA Mini Central 6000W inverter


December 2010

With electricity costs on the rise, Gary Smith calculated how much power he would need to generate to completely eliminate his bill and started shopping around for a solar system.

With four adults in the household, a large swimming pool and a workshop out the back, the Smiths are aware of their energy consumption and try to be as energy efficient as possible.

Mr Smith did thorough research before putting a deposit on a system. He chose Energy Matters because of the quality of the components on offer.

“The REC solar panels had produced fantastic results in independent, international tests”, explained Mr Smith. “We chose to include them in our solar system because they are highly efficient.”

It wasn’t just the solar panels which stood out for Mr Smith: after working with electrical engineers for most of his career, he was impressed by the work ethic and manner of Energy Matters’ solar installers.

“The installer was fantastic and treated the job with the professionalism of an industrial project.”

Months later and with their first power bill in hand, Mr Smith is happy he made the decision to go solar.

“We were getting power bills for around $270 per quarter”, said Mr Smith. “We were pretty pleased to get a $210 credit on our first bill, which wasn’t even for the full billing cycle of energy production. During the average week we feed roughly a third more power into the grid than what we consume.”

With Queensland electricity prices set to increase again, Mr Smith wants to add three more panels to the system.

“We deliberately went with a larger inverter than needed in case we wanted to expand the system”, said Mr Smith. “Adding a few extra panels will help guard against future electricity price rises.”

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