• Stebbings Home Solar Power System
System Capacity

9.87 kW

Expected Quarterly Benefit


CO2 reduction

17 tonnes annually; equivalent of taking 4 cars off the road

System Specs

42 x 235W REC solar panels; SMA Mini Central 10000W inverter


November 2010

After speaking to a friend who had already purchased a solar power system from Energy Matters, Michael Stebbings knew he had found the perfect investment for his retirement.

“I am semi-retired now and want to make sure my wife and I have a comfortable life”, said Mr Stebbings. “With the price of power bills rising, we worked out that a solar system designed to wipe our bills would be a worthwhile investment.”

For the Stebbings, keeping their two-story home warm during the cold winter months is one of the biggest contributors to their electricity consumption. In addition, Mrs Stebbings runs her business, a day care centre, on the property. The pair was facing power bills of around $700 per quarter.

Since their solar system was switched on, the Stebbings have been producing approximately 7,300kW hours, totaling around $1,650 worth of power over six months on Tasmania’s 22.5c feed in tariff.

“In the best week the system produced $97 worth of power”, Mr Stebbings said proudly. Generating a return better than most interest rates available and with more security than shares, Mr Stebbings is pretty happy with his investment.

“To anyone considering solar, I’d say – go for it”, said Mr Stebbings. “I used money from my super to finance the system and based on the cost of electricity I no longer have to pay for and additional income earned from the feed in tariff, I am now receiving an 8.2% return on that money.”

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