• Vatisi Home Solar Power System
System Capacity


Expected Quarterly Benefit


CO2 reduction

16 tonnes annually; equivalent of taking 3 cars off the road

System Specs

40 x Sanyo 210W panels; SMA SMC 10000W inverter


November 2010

For an average middle-income household in the Sydney’s Western suburbs, with three kids and the usual appliances such as heaters and air conditioning, each electricity price increase is painfully felt. That’s why George Vatis decided to invest in a solar system powerful enough to eradicate his bills forever.

“The reality is that we are facing ever increasing power costs”, said Mr Vatis.

With a typical consumption of around 20kW per day, Mr Vatis was receiving bills of around $370 a quarter. While the kids are at school, one adult is generally home during the day.

“I spoke to half a dozen different people”, said Mr Vatis. “Unlike other solar installers, Energy Matters were the first to tell me that there were certain optimum positions for the system; they wouldn’t install it just anywhere.”

Mr Vatis chose Sanyo panels because of their impressive performance at Energy Matters’ installation at Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, an independent testing facility in Alice Springs.

Since the system was switched on in November 2010, the panels have generated close to 4,000 kilowatt hours and Mr Vatis has received a cheque for over $2,000, income generated from NSW’s gross feed in tariff, under the old rate of 60 cents (there have been changes to the feed in tariff since then).

“I think a net feed in tariff is more sustainable and the state government should raise the tariff again. Solar system owners should get paid the same amount for every kilowatt hour they feed back to the grid as what electricity retailers charge. It’s only fair.”

“We’re your average working family; we don’t earn enough to absorb these price rises. I went solar because I never wanted to pay another electricity bill again.”

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