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One of the best solar system climates is in Western Australia, particularly in Perth. The increase in installations in residential and commercial buildings demonstrates the ongoing need for renewable energy in the state and across the nation.

The Western Australia (WA) solar FiT is available to any household or business that generates electricity from a solar PV system connected to the grid.

Installing a renewable energy system offers three types of benefits to household customers:

Upfront incentives

Through its Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, the federal Government offers financial support for installing renewable energy installations. Solar installers typically set up participation in this program, so the consumer gets a discount on the purchase price upfront. More information about this plan can be found with your installer.

Electricity savings

When your system produces, the output is first used to supply the electricity you need for your home, with any excess being exported to the grid. You will purchase electricity from your provider at the standard tariff rate when your system is not producing or producing less electricity than you consume.

All energy you consume from your system is electricity you do not buy from your retailer. Therefore, it has a value to your household that is equivalent to your tariff rate.

Energy Buyback Schemes

The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) offers time-of-export payments to qualified consumers for the electricity they export to the grid, including electricity from solar PV systems, batteries, and electric vehicles.

DEBS extends buyback payments to include exports from batteries and export-capable electric vehicles.

DEBS is also a “time of export” payment, meaning it offers a higher buyback rate at peak times (between 3pm and 9pm) when electricity is worth more.

The new pricing structure encourages households to use more of their solar energy generation in the middle of the day when it is plentiful and to install west-facing panels that will produce more electricity later in the day when it is in high demand. These new incentives enable the grid to become greener by integrating more renewable energy systems whilst keeping our electricity system reliable and secure.

DEBS rates for Synergy customers 2023-2024
Peak ratesElectricity exported between 3pm to 9pm10
Off-peak ratesElectricity exported between 9pm and 3pm2.25
DEBS rates for Synergy customers 2022-2023
Peak ratesElectricity exported between 3pm to 9pm10
Off-peak ratesElectricity exported between 9pm and 3pm2.5
DEBS rates for most Horizon Power customers 2023-2024
Peak ratesElectricity exported between 3pm to 9pm10
Off-peak ratesElectricity exported between 9pm and 3pm3

Who is eligible for DEBS?

The Western Australian Government established the requirement for retailers to offer a buyback scheme through the Electricity Industry (Licensing Conditions) 2005.

These regulations define an eligible customer as:

  • a residential customer who consumes not more than 50MWh of electricity per annum; or
  • a customer that is a school, university or other educational institution; or
  • a customer that is a non-profit-making organisation.

For a renewable energy system to be eligible for DEBS, it must have a generating capacity of between 500W and 5kW. A 6.6kW solar PV system with a 5kVa inverter is accepted as having a generating capacity of 5kW.

There is no eligibility limit on home battery or electric vehicle battery size. Still, retailers are only obligated to offer buyback payment for 50 units (kWh) per day per premises (which is more than a 5kW solar PV system would be expected to generate on any given day).

Source: Government of Western Australia-Energy Policy


One of the benefits of solar FiT in WA is that it is paid to households and businesses in addition to the savings they make on their electricity bills. This means households and businesses can effectively double their savings by generating electricity and selling the excess back to the grid.

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to take advantage of the solar FiT in WA. Firstly, it is important to understand your energy usage patterns and whether a solar panel system would be a suitable investment. This will depend on factors such as the size and orientation of your roof, the amount of sunlight your property receives, and your budget.

The upfront cost of installing a solar panel system is also worth considering. While the solar FiT can help offset the cost of the system, it may still be a significant investment. Researching and comparing quotes from different solar panel installers is important to find the best deal.

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Incentives and rebates

Western Australia (WA) offers a range of incentives and rebates for households and businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint. These programs are designed to encourage the uptake of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies in the state and can help offset the cost of investing in such technologies.

Check out our page to learn more about incentives and rebates in Australia.

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