ACT Next Gen Energy Storage Program Has Now Officially Closed

The Next Generation (Next Gen) energy storage program in Canberra, ACT, has officially come to a close after achieving its target of integrating large-scale batteries into the grid. The government-led program was established to promote sustainable energy solutions and address the increasing demand for energy storage systems. However, the program will no longer be accepting any new applications.

Carly Scott, Assistant Director at Business and Economic Development, ACT Government, alerted interested parties that the program has reached its target of 5,000 batteries in Canberra homes and businesses, therefore, is no longer accepting rebate applications and will close in early 2023. And for any further questions, please contact the Next Gen team at

“We are proud that this program has achieved the goals that Government set for itself when it was first launched 7 years ago”.

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In the ACT Government’s media release, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury said that the program had been an overwhelming success, with the local industry growing from four to over 24 battery installers operating in the ACT, and with the ACT now having one of the highest domestic battery densities not only in Australia but in the world. He is proud that Canberra is the climate action capital and home to a thriving and competitive renewable energy sector.

“Now that we have reached our target, the Next Gen program will no longer accept new rebate applications. All currently approved applications in the Next Gen Program will need to have batteries installed by 31 March 2023 to access the rebate. The ACT Government will continue to work with battery installers on any outstanding installations to ensure an appropriate transition following this date.”

“We encourage people to continue to shop around for energy storage solutions for their homes. With the number of installers now operating in the ACT, Canberrans will be able to continue to access the most competitive prices.”

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The Next Generation Energy Storage (Next Gen) program

The Next Gen program, introduced in 2016, aimed to boost the ACT’s battery sector and make it easier for Canberrians to install batteries. The initiative has offered 5,000 rebates during the last seven years, exceeding the goal outlined at its establishment.

Support for ACT households and businesses

ACT Households can continue to access Government support through the Sustainable Household Scheme, allowing homeowners to access zero-interest loans to make sustainable home upgrades. Businesses can access tailored advice and rebates through the Business Energy and Water program.

Check out our page to learn more about ACT’s sustainable household scheme.

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Outstanding applications and installations

All pre-approved applications will be honoured, and by the end of March 2023, all batteries must be installed.

ACT Government will work with battery installers on outstanding applications and installations to ensure an appropriate transition following this date.

Made a significant impact on the energy sector

Over the past few years, the program has significantly impacted the energy sector in the ACT by promoting the deployment of next-generation energy storage systems. The program offered incentives and subsidies to eligible participants, attracting investment from major energy companies and startups specialising in energy storage technology.

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The Next Generation energy storage program has successfully promoted sustainable energy solutions and improved the electricity grid’s stability. The program has come to a close, but its achievements will continue to benefit the energy sector in ACT for years to come.

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