Door Knocking Impostor Alert

It has come to Energy Matters attention that there may be an individual in the Brisbane area posing as a member of our company.

The issue which has been brought to our attention involved a person who claimed to be from Energy Matters knocking on a resident’s door. This person was rude and aggressive towards the resident before they were told to leave.

Energy Matters does not door-knock in any circumstance and as such any person doing so is not affiliated with our company.

If this happens we ask you contact us immediately with any information regarding this scam to try and identify the individual/s that may be responsible.

Always ensure that you check the identification of anyone who comes to your property and never feel pressured to purchase a product in a situation such as this.

Energy Matters has published a guide as to what to look for to avoid being scammed which can be accessed here.

If you have been affected by this scam, have any information regarding it or want more information contact Energy Matters directly on 133 SUN (133 786) or contact us here.