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Solar Power On Bob Katter’s Wish List

While Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s hopes of staying in power are closer to becoming a reality, the show isn’t over yet. Bob Katter has submitted his wish list to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and among the items are references to solar power and clean energy generally.
After meetings with Julia Gillard and Liberal leader Tony Abbott, Independent Andrew Wilkie said on Wednesday he will to back Labour; putting the spotlight on Bob Katter and Tony Windsor.
According to article on the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age web sites, policy priorities sent to the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition contain 20 point that Mr Katter says are “not conditions, but does provide a guideline to priorities”.
Among the wish list items is the creation of a National Energy Grid for development of clean energy resources. Mr Katter would like to see a northern Australia clean energy corridor to help energise the national power grid and mentions two projects specifically – the Kennedy wind farm and the Pentland solar bio-fuels plant. 
Another point is provision of Government funded solar hot water systems and/or other measures to to assist Australia’s older generation in meeting living expenses.
Mr. Katter also remains adamant that there should be “No carbon tax. No emissions trading scheme.” Mr. Katter believes the only winners from carbon trading are the investment banks.
Bob Katter is the representative of the federal seat of Kennedy, North Queensland – the third-largest electorate in Australia.

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