Sanyo Launches Enhanced HIT Solar Panel

Earlier this month, the European division of Sanyo announced it had bypassed its own impressive HIT solar panel efficiency record.
Sanyo Component Europe GmbH says the new 235 watt HIT-N235SE10 now has 21.1% cell efficiency, which offers more power generation per square metre and enhanced performance in limited space installations.
Sanyo Europe says the HIT-N235SE10 has a 18.6% overall module efficiency through adopting the more efficient HIT solar cells, a new tab design and anti-reflection glass. The improvements give the HIT-N235SE10  an 8.7% increase in efficiency compared to the already impressive performance of the HIP-215NKHE5; one of the Sanyo HIT solar panel range currently available in Australia.
The new N series utilises three tabs that reduce cell finger related electrical loss. By using thinner tabs, the effective area is also enlarged and captures more sunlight. The new anti-reflective glass is of special benefit in the morning and evening when the sun is at a low position.
The New N Series modules will be manufactured at Sanyo’s factory in Hungary and initially only available to the European market. A date has not yet been announced regarding their availability in Australia.
Sanyo HIT solar panels have been a popular choice in Australian home solar power installations given their high efficiency, small footprint and excellent performance in high temperature conditions.
HIT solar panels differ to standard silicon modules in their construction. The HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer; a thin mono crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.