Sanyo HIT Solar Panels To Power Ikea Stores

Several of Ikea’s stores in Canada are making the switch to solar power and have chosen Sanyo HIT solar panels.
Collectively, the 3,790  Sanyo HIT solar panels will have a capacity of 750kW, approximately the equivalent of the power required for 100 average Ontario homes. 
Sanyo says IKEA Canada will be the first retailer to exclusively own, install and operate what is touted to be the largest rooftop solar panel array in Ontario under the province’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program.
Natalia Hahn, Sustainability Manager for IKEA Canada, said Sanyo’s commitment to sustainability and their development of high efficiency solar panels were an important part of Ikea Canada’s renewable energy program.
The Sanyo HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar panel was the first hybrid solar module available to the general Australian market. The technology combines a thin monocrystalline silicon layer encased in ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, providing an overall panel efficiency of over 17.7%. Sanyo HIT panels are a popular choice in Australian home solar power systems, particularly in hotter regions as HIT technology is particularly advantageous in terms of conversion efficiency in high temperatures.
Solar power isn’t Ikea’s only foray into sustainability. The company says it strives to design products from renewable, recycled or reused materials and never uses more material than necessary. Ikea focuses on the “flat-pack” concept so more products can be shipped per trip. Ikea also favours products that can be easy to dismantle and recycle once they have reached the end of their serviceable lives. 
Before choosing any supplier or service provider, Ikea says it ensures they meet their strict social, labour, and environmental standards which includes no child labour and no wood harvesting practices that destroy natural forests.